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Deposit Bonus in slot games explained

9th November 2020 Print

Gambling has been a constant part of human civilization for at least the last thousand years, with various gambling games proving to be incredibly fun and enticing for large swathes of the global population. Even before the establishment of the first genuine casino in 16th century Venice this was true, however nowadays the human love for gambling really has never been clearer, something that has been accentuated by the incredible popularity of slot machines. 

Slot machines started from very humble beginnings back in the late 1800s, and the very first rudimentary machines didn’t even pay out cash prizes. Oh how things have changed now though, as slots are regularly responsible for some of the largest jackpot prizes ever recorded in the whole history of gambling. This has led to the online slots industry such as being incredibly competitive, with online casino sites offering things like deposit bonuses in order to attract new players. Read on to find out exactly what deposit bonuses in slots are. 

What is a deposit bonus? 

So, first things first, what is a slot deposit bonus? Well, in order to spin the reels of your favourite UK slots you must first deposit some cash, unless you are looking to constantly just play for free of course. A deposit bonus is inextricably linked to this process, and it is basically something that online casino sites use to entice you to deposit cash with them instead of a competitor. 

Deposit bonuses in the 21st century usually come in the form of a percentage of cash back from your deposit, with things like 100% up to £100 deposit bonuses being the most common offers available. These days many online casino sites have also started offering a number of free spins too, so there really is an offer out there for everyone. 

History of slot deposit bonuses 

When did casinos first start offering slot deposit bonuses? Well, the first thing to say is that this is nothing new, as there is evidence to suggest that even the earliest casinos were using some kind of deposit benefit system to attract new gamblers. However, most slot deposit bonuses were consigned to being something like a free drink, or maybe just a few casino chips.

It wasn’t until online casinos got really big that slot deposit bonuses became the standard, and since then they have been rising exponentially in their generosity. These days slot deposit bonuses are one of the best ways to attract new customers, hence why they are so commonly found across the industry. 

Deposit bonuses: Land based casino vs. online casino 

Slot deposit bonuses generally tend to be much more available in the online casino realm, however, with that being said, there are still some land based casinos that also offer them. Generally speaking, however, gamblers stand to gain a lot more benefits from a online casino slot deposit bonus, mainly because the online casino industry has more money to spend on these things.