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Who actually started the first online gambling sites

10th November 2020 Print

Can you even think of a day without the internet? Since its inception, the world wide web has become an essential part of our lives. Unfortunately, we are largely dependent on it. The internet has changed the working of many industries and created many new ones.

One field that was significantly affected was gambling. You must be wondering how and when gambling started. So, we are here to inform you about that. 

After looking in the Wayback Machine  where you can see old websites, I found out that  was already then known for playing, testing and reviewing the first and best online casinos even before many learned that there where online casinos. So I have used them as a reliable source for this article. We are going to look at all the events that made online gambling possible. So, let's get started with this quick and brief history of online gambling sites.

Who started the first online gambling site?

The very first online gambling site was introduced in 1996 by InterCasino. InterCasino is still active to this day.

Earlier the casinos were not that famous. But now, there are thousands of online casinos and poker sites. Online gambling is a flourishing industry and everything else about that predicts that it will get more popular and better.

If there would be a single reason for the popularity and success of online gambling sites, then it would be the implementation of the processing act and free trade by the government of Barbuda and Antigua.

This law was formulated in 1994 and gave power to the Caribbean nation to grant licenses to the companies that wish to incorporate online casinos.

In the same year, another major event took place which is an ocean away and more than 4000 miles away. Microgaming, which is a software company was founded on the Isle of man.

Which Was The First Online Casino?

The first online gaming casino was the Gaming Club Casino. Earlier, the company was very small and it was not much good on the budget as well. Nevertheless, these factors didn't stop the company from being the best and most responsible company for the creation of the very first fully-featured online gaming casino in the whole world.

It was known as the gaming club and it was so different from today's gambling sites. However, it was a revolution and it took the whole world in its hands as it offered the gamblers the chance to gamble online. 

Afterward, so many companies have made similar attempts and they tried to take the credits for the work done by the gaming club.

But with the hard work and dedication of the people at Microgaming, it became possible to achieve success. They made the company touch the heights of success and a leader in the online gambling world.

In 1995, after less than a year, another company entered the game that is known as CryptoLogic. It was a Canadian company that was experts in transactions of real money over the internet. At that time, the only thing that was missing was their online casino.

So, they initiated InterCasino which is one of the oldest gambling online casinos in the world that still functions. Also, it is the first casino that offered real cash to its customers.

Furthermore, CryptoLogic changed the way real money transactions function online. It made the process super quick and safe as well. That's the reason, CryptoLogic deserves a really special place in the field of online gambling.

When did gambling start?

Now, you must be wondering when did the gambling start, right? To be very precise, gambling started some 12,000 years back, when the history was not written on paper.

More than 5000 years old, six-sided dice are found in Syria and Iraq that shows that Gambling houses were so common in China about three thousand years ago.

When was gambling invented?

Though gambling has been a part of history, the invention of casinos is a thing of today.

In 1638, the Casino Di Venezia in Italy started its gambling operations for the very first time. And they established the first casino games.

The Popularisation of Online Casino Sites

It didn't take much time for people to realize their potential after the opening of the first online casino. Yes, the very first online casino worked as a catalyst for the introduction of other casinos.

As soon as InterCasino came on the market, a lot of people started online gambling and with that, so many companies started offering the latest and most exciting ways of gambling.

Furthermore, so many companies got inspired by the huge success of InterCasino and they started working for the same. Lots and lots of new online casinos came into existence and then the whole field became very competitive.

Every casino operator wished to be the best and superior and for that, they started offering different ways to play games. Apart from this, due to computer technologies, the companies thought outside the box. For this, they offered a lot of schemes to invite more customers.

Because of the tough competition among the online casinos, the owners started increasing the quality and software of the games. Additional features were introduced and then online casinos became a craze among the people.

Things such as multiplayer games started slots and jackpots were also implemented, and hence the online casinos became even more attractive.

Since then, high quality and innovation have been the two prominent goals of the providers and developers. Also, they are now working hard for offering the best casino experiences online to all the players.

Online Gambling Is More Famous Than Ever

Nowadays, poker sites, bookies, and online casinos are the most important part of the whole gambling world. The advantages they offer are too hard to keep a count on. The gambling standards are higher than ever and the gamblers have the chance to win real cash and play brilliant gambling games.

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