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How can technology further innovate online sports betting in the future

16th November 2020 Print

Sports betting in the past and now have become two entirely different things, all thanks to the advancements and development brought about by modern technology. Gone are the days when you need to go to the game venue or to an off-venue betting site to fall in a long queue to make a bet, and to go through the hassle of personally looking at the odds and lines. Now, all of these can be done without the need to get out of your house, much less stand from where you are. This is all thanks to the development of online sports betting. However, is the end of the line for sports betting already, or can the people expect more out of it in the future?

Thanks to these online sites app apps, placing a wager and obtaining vital information such as sports betting lines is now convenient, fast, easy, and every accessible anytime and anywhere. However, as more countries and state open their doors to sports betting by legalizing it, and as technology continue to advance and improve, how much more can sport betting benefit from these things? Here are some of the top ways of how technology can further improve online sports betting.

Stronger and better virtual sports

Virtual sports are no longer a new thing. It has been a thing way back before online sports betting apps and sites came to life. Unlike betting apps and sites, virtual sports did not enjoy a huge amount of popularity—at least, not until recently. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic closing down almost all sporting events, sports bettor had to find a way to continue betting for their favorite sports—and that was where virtual sports took the spotlight.

In terms of quality, virtual sports have gone a long way, too. Some games have very realistic graphics and even the environment and commentators make it more real. As the graphics quality of video games continue to improve, too, one can only expect to see virtual sports games that look as real as it can get.

More live betting

In online casinos, a player can take the convenience of betting through their computer or mobile device to the next level by going to a live casino, where real people are dealing with real games in real-time. In sports betting, there is a similar system called live betting.

In live betting, players get to watch the game as it happens live. As usual, there are odds and lines. However, the difference here is that in live betting, the odds and lines change depending on the events that happen in the game--so, a team that started as a huge favorite may be flipped to become an underdog if the opposing team had done an unexpectedly good job at turning the tables around to their favor.

As of now, only a handful of online sportsbooks are offering live betting options. Which would be understandable, since everyone in the sports industry spent most of 2020 on a hiatus and there was virtually no game to watch live. Next year, however, as things slowly go back to normal, people can expect more online bookies to start offering live betting, too.

VR sports betting

Virtual reality or VR in gaming is no longer a new thing. Which makes more sense for it to finally come to the world of gambling as well since the technology is already a stable one and has been used not only on computers and gaming consoles but even in mobile phones already.

With VR betting, you can imagine experiencing a virtual game of your favorite sports with live odds as if you are sitting on a bench of the stadium!