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How technology has enabled the Digital Nomad

7th December 2020 Print

The idea of remote working is certainly not a new one and has been something many have strived for over the last two decades as connectivity and options for enabling remote working have grown, but this year has certainly helped the growing desire to do so. As we round out the year and head toward 2021, there is no doubt that a huge number of us will have the opportunity to change to a remote working lifestyle and reap the many benefits that come with it, but there are many that have already done so successfully as the Digital Nomad World has served as a guide looking for those to get away from home whilst still holding down a daily job – but what technology has allowed the digital nomad lifestyle to grow?

Connectivity – There’s no doubt that the rapid changes in internet connectivity have been key – there are growing options for free WiFi everywhere we look from cafés and restaurants to larger cities providing it for free, but there hasn’t always been a guarantee that connectivity would be reliable. This has been changing however with the introduction of 4G which allowed a growing number of options for the remote worker, and now most recently with the introduction and spread of 5G which only offers more speed and increasing capacity for users.

Mobile devices – Whether this be our smartphones, our laptops, or our tablets, our mobile devices have provided a perfect way for the digital nomad to set-up an office away from home. Cross-platform compatibility with many different forms of software, and the cloud that allows us to access our stored data from anywhere in the world, and we’re no longer needed to be tied down to an office in order to complete our workload.

Conferencing software – Platforms such as Skype, Teams, and Zoom have been invaluable throughout the year, but they have always served as a great tool for those working away. Many digital nomads will be able to reap the benefits of the increased attention being paid to the platforms as big updates are surely on the way for each, but the year has also helped to somewhat normalise the use of these different types of software where it may have otherwise been a little frowned upon. 

Whilst it remains true that there are many more advances to be made in these areas to propel remote working further than before, the more focussed attention and steps forward taken through this year will only solidify the position of the remote worker and provide more opportunities for those looking to make the change but had been a little hesitant to do so before hand. With other changes being discussed such as a shift to a four-day work week for some, this only strengthens the position for remote workers who will have even more flexibility than before, and if everything aligns there is a huge opportunity for a quality of life improvement for many workers, and the possibility of growing productivity from employees.

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