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Technology and its impact on the growth of the gaming industry

17th December 2020 Print

The gaming industry is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Yes, you heard that correctly and it really has been a remarkable rise for the sector. 2020 has been such a difficult year for so many world-wide but gaming has certainly been one of the few, who have profited. With people forced to spend extended periods of time within their own homes, it has led to a surge in numbers across the different platforms, from the rising growth of mobile gaming, to popular casino-based games and poker, to traditional slots and of course console gaming. These have seen casino bonus offers alongside many others being pushed, which has further enticed players across 2020. These are all areas of the gaming industry that have been rising in revenue and popularity in last few years and helping to take the industry to the new heights that we are seeing, and this growth does not show any signs of stopping.

Of course, much of the reason behind this is through the growth of technology. It now impacts virtually everyone’s lives on a daily basis and this is only going to become more apparent for years to come. One of the key factors is through smartphones, which a large proportion of the adult population world-wide now own. They are used for so many different tasks and have shaped the way people socialise, work and behaviour in every day lives. The same can be said for gaming, as mobile gaming is now the key revenue driver for the industry and has now surpassed 60% of the overall market share. That is a remarkable growth, and this is only predicted to grow much higher over the next decade and virtually take over.

As mentioned, the lockdowns enforced played a further role in this major surge in numbers. The online casino market has seen record numbers and the popularity has never been higher and this has also been seen in the search terms of google for example. It all backs up the surge in numbers and predictions are that this will increase further. One factor is again through technology and innovation. One of these entering the industry is virtual reality and VR casinos could just be the future for the industry. It will be fascinating to see the success, as these begin to be rolled out for consumers.

Console gaming has remained a staple in the gaming sector and next generation consoles have now hit the market in 2020, from both Sony and Microsoft. These have already been a great success and gained some very positive reviews. It will now be fascinating to see where the industry is in another decade.

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