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CBD oil products for different pets

21st December 2020 Print

Every pet parent wants the best for their furry friends. Whether you own a cat or a dog, you may want them to live longer and be more active while they are living with you. This is why it’s no surprise for many owners to get CBD oil and tinctures for their pets.

CBD or cannabidiol is known to have therapeutic effects on animals. They can decrease anxiety, stress, inflammation, and other conditions. You can mix it with the food that you give to your cats daily or apply a drop directly into your Labrador’s mouth. Either way, the CBD oil is well-received by many pet owners, and you may see the quality of their life improve significantly afterward.

When you decide to purchase a cannabidiol product for your furry friends, make sure that you only get it from legitimate suppliers. You can check more on sites like to know more information about the other products available for your furry animals. There are catnip sprays and capsules that your pet will love.

Different Pets that Can Benefit from CBD Oil

You may see that there are products specifically designed for each animal. For example, you have cannabidiol products for horses, cats, and dogs. The base ingredient is the same. This is the cannabidiol extract taken from hemp plants and gotten using chemicals like butane or CO2 methods. However, the requirement for each species may vary.



The smallest of the three animals mentioned above is the cat. You may want to get an oil that has a lower range of concentrations. Typically, it would be best to look for those bottles with about 100 mg to 300 mg of concentrations of cannabidiol. 

There are times when your feline becomes irritated and displays fussy behaviors, mainly if they ate something new. You can choose catnip flavors that will attract your cat, and the kitties will simply love these varieties. You can know more information about cannabidiol and cats on this site here.

If your cat is not picky, which is uncommon, then you may get the natural CBD oil products without the extra flavors. This way, you can drizzle some oil on your cat’s favorite food, and they won’t notice a thing. They will also get used to the new addition in their diet if you introduce the oil slowly.


Canines are a bit complicated because they come in different sizes, breeds, and weights. The bigger ones will require a concentration of CBD that ranges from 1000 mg to 4000 mg. Many dogs may love beefy or peanut butter flavors, so you may want to look for these treats first and see how it goes. There’s always the minority that will prefer the natural and unflavored varieties, so you may also consider these bottles of oil as they are more affordable than the flavored ones.

Always check the website from the manufacturers where you bought the bottles. This way, you will have a good idea about the minimum dose that you can start with according to your pet’s needs. You can try various types of strengths to see which one will take effect in the fastest possible time and relieve your canine from arthritis. Try to see if there are improvements as well.


Horses are the biggest of the three species. If you are an equestrian, you may want to give supplements with cannabidiol for pain, inflammation, and other hosts of symptoms to help your equine live better. Research shows that the oil is non-addictive, safe, and non-toxic to horses, so you don’t have to worry about anything. There are also no recorded side effects when you administer CBD products to your prized horse.

The right products of CBD for horses usually come at 5,000 mg of cannabidiol per bottle. This is because the equines are larger, and they need higher doses to feel the potent effects of cannabidiol in their endocannabinoid systems.

Most companies have apple-flavored tinctures that horses love. You may inquire about other products that are specific to equines and see if you can get them at bulk prices. Ensuring that they are taking their CBD oil daily will give them a healthier boost and help them recover faster from injuries. You may check with your vet first before administering a specific CBD product to your equine to ensure safety.

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