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Which industries have thrived through the growth in technology

18th January 2021 Print

As we are now deep into the digital age, many of us now don’t know any different apart from growing up with technology around us and now the reliance in technology to go about our everyday lives is more than ever as many of us cannot manage everyday tasks now without the use of our smartphones. Due to this, we thought we’d look at some industries that have benefitted dramatically from the growth of technology over time. 

Marketing has been one of the major industries that has totally changed due to the rapid rise in technology over time. Marketing is a totally different industry than it was a couple of decades ago as now is it largely digitally based. This has ensured that there has been a birth of different forms of marketing during this time including digital marketing which looks at businesses search engine optimisation and also social media marketing which pushes businesses goods and/or services through the use of social media. Neither of these two forms of marketing would have been available without the growth of technology. 

Furthermore, the automobile industry has also been able to benefit from the rise in technology in recent times as the electric vehicles market is now growing at an expansive rate. This wouldn’t have been able to be possible without the rapid improvement of technology over time as when electric vehicles were initially released on the market, they were nothing short of awful and seemed as if they were never going to take off. However now, electric vehicles are now able to deliver in terms of performance alongside fuel alternatives and even better their performance due to this. The share price of Tesla over the past five years really shows just how far the electric vehicle markets has come. 

And finally, the entertainment industry can also be thankful to the growth of technology as they have also thrived during the digital age. Companies like Netflix have existed for less than ten years and are now one of the big players in terms of movies and tv shows which essentially put Blockbuster out of business. Furthermore, online gambling has become big business, especially recently as many have been stuck at home to combat the spread of the Coronavirus and many can be found when looking here in terms of the best new online casino sites. As the virus continues, we predict the numbers for these types of online entertainment to continues to surge during 2021. 

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