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8 team building activities your company can do post lockdown

25th January 2021 Print

Thanks to Corona and the multiple lockdowns, most of us are working from home, if at all. Cut off from seeing a variety of people on the daily, many are starting to forget how to properly interact with one another. Your priority should be managing to get them to work together again, and reforge a bond that has become strained due to current circumstances. 

With the options on this list, you can do exactly that. Here are 8 team building activities that your company can do post-lockdown. 

Escape Rooms

Trapped inside a room. United by a singular goal. Escape.

Escape rooms are a fantastic way to get your team to start working together as a unit again. It enforces collective communication and active listening, as well as helping participants develop multiple skills that will benefit their daily and office lives. Partaking in an escape room lets people break off into their separate tasks, each collecting information and bringing it back to the group. Everyone e

Best of all, if you’ve got people who are worried about coming into contact with strangers, most escape rooms keep groups completely separate from each other. Some even go so far as not to book two different groups at the same time. This is likely to be a trend that continues for a while too, so a small  

Online Games

If the arrangements keep changing, one consistent activity you can get your office to take part in is an online game. Whether you hold football tournaments on Fifa, build a regiment on Call of Duty, or all gather in the virtual space for a game of Among Us, you’ll all be working on your communication skills. 

Playing videogames together as a group is a fantastic way to improve your communication and teamwork, as certain games force you to be a cohesive team to stand a chance of success. It’s also a nice way for co-workers to be able to interact with each other, without the stress of an unfinished task looming. 


Once everything eventually goes back to normal, your people may need an outlet for any additional stress they’ve been experiencing. One way to do that is through some paintball. Whether you have the entire workforce on one team, or split them up into opposing forces, paintball is a great way to get employees to think tactically about how to overcome a challenge. 

Everyone has to play their part, and the better they communicate the more likely they’ll come out on top. You could even award a trophy to the winning team, and make it a regular occurrence in order to make the employees really passionate about it. 

There’s also something immensely satisfying about shooting something (or someone) with a paintball. Don’t be surprised if some of your people get really into it. 

Pub Quiz

If you want people to work together in a team, there’s no better way than putting them in one (or several). Entering a pub quiz is a brilliant way to get people to work together, as the reward motivates them to try and work together, as they compete against groups of other people. 

A pub quiz is also a great way to build respect between people. Someone who may not be considering conventionally intelligent may happen to know almost about a certain subject, and end up leading their team to success. With a myriad of varied mental challenges, there is an opportunity for people to showcase their talents, and even build their confidence when they succeed. 

A Day Out

Funnily enough, a team-building activity, doesn’t have to be an activity at all. Sometimes the best way for people to come together as a group, is by just being able to relax together and getting to know each other. To that extent, treating workers with a trip out, especially after the difficulties of a locked-down life, can make them feel incredibly rewarded. It suggests that their efforts have been recognised and their general mood will be more positive. 

You could simply arrange for people to bring food and music, and visit a park together. This low-intensity environment could be just what’s needed in order to get people to release the stress that’s built up over the last year. 

Themed Work Days

You’ve heard of casual Fridays, but what about having a themed workday instead? Assign one day a month where employees are allowed to come into work wearing non-traditional clothing instead of their smart business outfit. Then each month, let someone different choose the theme and see what people come up with. You can put as much or little effort as you like. At the end of the day, get everyone to take a vote on who’s outfit was the best.

Some potential themes are 1920’s, Wild West, Action Heroes, etc. As long as the theme is viable, it’s allowed. Bonus points if your employees verbally emulate their characters too.

It’s important to note that this is purely designed as a fun exercise, and should not detract from the productivity of your office or impact day-to-day runnings at all. 

Group Hikes

This depends on the area where you live and your surrounding areas. If you are in proximity to outdoor walking routes, one fun team-building exercise is to source maps of the area and get your workers to plan a route from A to B. Once they’ve done that and planned their route, get them to do it.

There’s only one rule, no digital maps. That means smartphones. Since safety is a potential issue, make sure that they have a standard phone only able to call and text. The entire challenge is for them to make their way from one point to another using only their wits and map reading skills. 

Of course, there must be a series of safety procedures in place just in case any issues arise. Make sure you alert multiple external people to the route you’re planning to take, as well as how long it should take to reach your destination. Being in the outdoors can be a brilliant and entrancing experience, but there is always a potential risk of injury. Having safety precautions in place is the best way to prevent that. 

Treasure Hunt

This can either take place solely in your office, or your local area. Hide an object somewhere in the office and leave breadcrumb clues directing people to it. Split everyone up into teams or pairs, and let them try to figure out where the object is hidden. 

You can even add an additional rule where it’s whoever is in possession of the object at a certain time. That way, people have the choice whether they want to try to find the object first, or figure out the best way to steal it from another. This encourages them to think outside of the box and consider alternative methods of success, in turn allowing them to apply the same thinking to their work. 

Some people enjoy playing the villain as much as the hero, and giving them a harmless way to do it while also developing their teamwork skills is an excellent way to build stronger bonds between co-workers. 

And that’s our list. While these are our favourite options, a good team-building activity is one where people forget about everything else and focus purely on the task at hand. They’ll get to know each other better, and most of the time will naturally fall into their own hierarchy. As long as that’s achieved, it doesn’t wholly matter your company does to bring its people together.