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Which online casino game is statistically better?

18th February 2021 Print

Comparing the products offered through online casino sites is like comparing apples and trampolines. They each have a different style of gameplay, appeal to a different audience, and suit a different mood. But if there was some statistical way in which to see which is better to play, which format of online gaming would come out on top? 

Online Slots 

Online slot games have easy-to-grasp gameplay. They do well not only on traditional desktops but also on mobiles reflecting a modern way of engaging with the industry. Part of the fun of the game is that the theme is usually fast-paced and players can spend as long or short a time as they want engaging with the game. In order to statistically define the value to the player of the game, the RTP or return to player is calculated.

For instance, the Fishing Frenzy slot game has a RTP of 95.02%. This means that roughly for every $100 played, $95 is returned. However, this doesn’t mean that the 96th dollar input into the game would result in victory. The RTP is generated from millions of spins and reflects the average outcome based on these spins. In the same way that the odds of a coin landing on heads are 50/50, but it doesn’t mean that every second flip would result in heads. 


Online Roulette

Online roulette is another game that has a statistical value attached. The game involves placing counters on a number and hoping this number or series of numbers will correspond with the one that the ball falls into on the wheel. There are multiple different ways to place these bets. You could bet evens or odds, red or black, high numbers or low numbers, or a specific number itself. 

The odds of victory for one of the 50/50 outcomes are roughly 1.111 to 1 for the American version and 1.055 to 1 for the European version. The difference between American and European versions is that the European version has two zero slots. So technically the odds of winning the European version are better. The odds of victory for a single number climb up to 37 to 1 for the American and 36 to 1 for the European. 


Online Poker

Poker is the hardest online casino game to statistically define. This is because there are more elements to the game than just chance. Notwithstanding, poker does actually have probabilities attached to it. For instance, the likelihood of getting a Royal Flush (10 to Ace in one suit) is 649,739 to 1. The likelihood of having a hand that contains one pair in five-card poker is 1.366 to 1. This could also be defined as the player having a 42% chance of achieving this hand when the cards are dealt.

So, the chances of achieving one pair in poker are better still than of having your single number crop up in roulette. Comparing this to online slots is more difficult, but it could be argued that the RTP of around 95% is better odds than of achieving even the most basic hand in poker. 

However, people don’t engage with certain online casino games because they have a statistical advantage. They play online slots to engage with the animation and themes, they play roulette for the tension of spinning the wheel, and they play poker for the elements of strategy needed to win. Some things in life can’t be defined by their statistical values. The better online casino game is the one the player enjoys the most. 

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