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The most picturesque places for traveling

1st March 2021 Print

In the life of every traveler there comes a moment when he meets a place that leaves a deep trace in the memory. Fortunately, our planet is very diverse and for fans of unusual experiences, there are always places worth going. And some of them even inspired developers who created slots you can find if you click here to play at Playamo. Incredible rock massifs, rivers shimmering with different colors, huge caves and lakes so deep that it is impossible to imagine. These are the most extraordinary places on Earth, where you can go on an unforgettable trip.

Iceland, the Caves of Vatnajeküdl

Some of the most beautiful and unusual caves in the world are at the Vatnajeküdl Glacier in Iceland. They are composed of ice, which makes them look truly fantastic. Every winter, the caves are painted a clear shade of blue. This is the best time to visit them. An even more unusual sight opens up in the summer, when the sun's rays make the ice turn reddish and even bright yellow.

Australia, Hutt Lagoon

Another place whose recreation clearly cannot be called traditional. Hutt Lagoon is a large lake filled with salt water. Its singularity lies in the color of the water, which is almost year-round painted pink. It is all the fault of the local algae. The place is very beautiful and really impresses the imagination.

Scotland, Fingal's Cave

This cave is located on Staffa Island, which is considered uninhabited for many centuries. The main feature is the amazing interior of the cave. The natural columns look as if they were built by mythical giants. The island itself is no less interesting, so if you love the outdoors, it's time to check it out.

New Zealand, Moeraki Boulders

New Zealand is best known to the fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was filmed there. The beauty of New Zealand nature is impressive, but even the most sophisticated tourist may be surprised by a sight, which bears the name Moeraki Boulders. It is a large beach, literally strewn with huge boulders. Some of them are up to two and a half meters in diameter. Local legends tell of dragons, scientists about fossilized dinosaur eggs. It is worth seeing at least once in your life.

Mexico,  Cave of the Crystals

Crystal Cave in Mexico has become popular because of the huge number of incredibly beautiful selenite crystals inside. Just imagine that one of them reaches a length of almost twelve meters, and weighs just over fifty-five tons. The exploration of the cave is still ongoing, but hiking trips there are organized regularly. Be prepared to wear a special suit, because because of the special internal climate of the cave, to be there without the right equipment longer than twenty minutes will not work.