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4 ways to spot a scrabble cheater among your friends

16th May 2021 Print

People have been playing games for centuries and they are something that brings people together, provides a real sense of fun and gives us an air of competition which keeps us on our toes. Sometimes things can get a bit feisty but mainly it’s a bit of fun and most games actually test our intelligence and we learn new things as we go.

The thing about group games is you really have to keep an eye on some people. Let’s be honest, we all want to win right? Most of us are honest but occasionally someone will get thrown into the mix who likes to cheat and takes things a bit too far.

No one likes a cheat, however the reality is they are out there. They are waiting in the wings ready to pounce and take our precious points, especially in the more challenging games such as Scrabble. This game provides a unique insight into how good your vocabulary is and our grammar can often be a point of envy for others if you excel in this area.

If you are a regular player of Scrabble or have a game coming up, it might be worth refreshing yourself with some ideas on how to deal with cheats. You want to win and you need to win the right way, with your natural talent and knowledge as opposed to cheating which is boring and takes no real skill.

So What Are 4 Ways To Spot A Scrabble Cheater Among Your Friends

Their Physical Behaviour & Movements

If you use a bit of intuition and experience, it’s quite easy to pick out a cheater actually. Watch their body movements, try to see if they are acting shifty or a bit strange. It will be even easier to spot these characteristics in someone you know well, as you know how they usually behave so it will be easy to notice a change in mood or the way they act.

If you start to think that someone might be cheating, keep an eye on them. Cheaters don’t want to get caught so watching them and making them slightly aware you are studying them might force them to make a mistake and expose themselves. On the other hand if they know they are being watched, they might stop their cheating behaviour completely and just get on with the game which is a positive for everyone. You can then just get on with the game and enjoy the fair competition and rivalry.

Knowledge Of An Unexpected Area

If you are playing with a friend or loved one, chances are you will be pretty familiar with their overall knowledge and skills with words. We all have a certain amount of information and it’s quite rare that we suddenly become a genius overnight. Watch out for someone who seems to have an increased arsenal of words that you never knew they had. 

Could they have picked up these extra words in a suspicious way? Are they able to cheat somehow with what they have? These are important questions to ask yourself if you notice or think that something might be a bit off. Cheaters are everywhere and they will do anything to get one step ahead of you and try to prove their fake superiority.

scrabble board

Lots Of Word You Don’t Know

It can be easy with the pace of the game for people to sneak in words that might not even exist or could be spelt wrong. Ensure you take your time and keep doing a mental check of words, or converse with others who are playing just to double check that no one is sneaking through dodgy words just to score points.

We can’t know all the words in the English language and some people will use this common fact to their advantage, trying to get through questionable words here and there. But be firm and stand up for yourself if you think the word might not exist or be spelt the way they are claiming. We all have phones these days and it’s easy to refer to Google or word scrambler if we want to question something or find out if a word is good to go or not. Use the technology we have at our fingertips to your advantage!

They’ve Cheated Before

What you’ll often find is if someone cheats once, they will be willing to do it again and it becomes a compulsion. Keep an eye out when you’re preparing for the game and think back to see if you can remember if anyone cheated before. Did someone lie on a previous game? Are they acting suspiciously or the same this time around? What can you do to really find out if your suspicions are true?

Human beings are creatures of habit and it’s easy to spot someone’s behaviour or consistent things they do. Some people are extremely good at hiding things from those around them, whereas others are a little easier to read. Study them and see if you can pick up any little signs that might help you make up your mind as to whether they are cheating or not.

Plating games and engaging in these sorts of activities come with all sorts of benefits and advantages. There’s a reason why so many people love these sorts of games and continue to play with friends and family in their spare time. 

People enjoy playing games like Scrabble because:

- They test the mind and more often than not we leave the game with more knowledge than when we first started it

- They provide a good excuse to be social and get together for food or a few drinks and do an interesting activity so people don’t get bored

- It helps bolster and improve your gaming skills which you can take into different games and events with other people. We all like to improve and the more you do it, the better you will get

So regardless if you are an experienced Scrabble or it’s something you are just getting into, throw yourself into and you will be surprised at how much you enjoy it. But remember, keep an eye out for cheaters among your friends!

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