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Web programming languages for Whale Casino Games

6th June 2021 Print
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The rate at which game development studios have built their businesses has shocked the public in a good way. Gaming is a rewarding industry for programmers to get into. Developing online casino games is another lucrative avenue they should consider. 

This field is generally untapped and is full of potential. There’s lots of room for software developers to combine modern gaming mechanics and aesthetics with casino software. At this point, programmers should take a proactive step and learn some of the programming languages commonly used to create whale casino games. Read ahead to find out more.

What is a Whale Casino Game?

Whale casino games are known by many as high roller casino games. They  have the highest volatility, which means players have a greater risk for a greater reward. A high roller game can come in any form within a casino, although online casino games such as Texas hold ‘em and slots are the most common.

Well-known casino expert Ella Houghton reviews many popular titles. Her reviews are excellent references for learning more about whale casino games and online casino software.

Top Programming Languages

The programming languages found on this list are used to make some of the top casino slot games like those you can find on 5 reel slots. Programmers have to understand the fundamental mechanics of casinos before creating them, and that’s where casino directories like Five Reel Slots come in handy.


Java is a universal programming language; many college graduates learn it as a requirement. It’s also one of the more introductory programming languages on this list. Java is also immensely popular, and many online communities and news sites actively cover achievements using the platform.

A major pro to using Java to code your casino game is that it can be used within multiple platforms. If you know it, you’re already a few steps ahead if you want to create cross-platform games for mobile devices. 


C# run through the Unity Engine is probably the most common programming language for game-specific developers. While programming teams generally create games on console platforms using this language, C# has much potential, and it’s actively used by casino game development teams.

C# is an excellent platform for collaboration, as it integrates well into other programming languages. It’s also considered to be a more accessible programming language to learn.


Javascript is a powerful programming language with a deep learning curve. Javascript programs are often known as the best in terms of functionality within websites. This is because programs are usually run on client servers, which means less time for maintenance and higher speeds for players.

Javascript is a recommended language for anyone who is up to the challenge. After all, more complicated programming languages give you more flexibility and capability to develop better games. I-programmer has many book reviews, covering all programming languages from this list. If you are interested in learning javascript, check out our review on Mastering TypeScript 4th Edition.


Many online casino development teams have recently been experimenting with using HTML 5 to create their games. HTML 5 is a powerful markup language known to have the best compatibility with websites, especially mobile functionality. 

HTML 5 games boast some of the best graphics offered to mobile users. While it’s a newer programming language for casino game development teams, it’s better to learn it to get ahead of the curve.


Another popular programming language on this list is flash. Even though it’s an older programming language, it’s still commonly used by more prominent game developers. 

Whale casino games vary in budget and often value game mechanics more than anything. Keeping that in mind, Flash is a more accessible programming language to learn, and it’s also great for developing mobile casino games. It’s often used for lower budget titles.


It’s difficult to say which programming language is best for whale casino games. Online casino software often varies in scale, so some of the simpler languages on this list will likely be used more frequently during development. However, the most significant thing about the game development scene is that programmers are consistently innovative.

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