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Important bodies that verify game credibility of a new online casino

13th June 2021 Print

When players place bet on a game, it is with the mindset that there will be fair play, and anything short of this would be cripple the whole purpose of betting and compromise the player's fundamental human right. Once an online casino is compromised, it would deter players from playing at such a casino.

Players’ security is of utmost importance where online casinos are concerned. To protect players’ interests, various bodies have been established to check the credibility of the online casino. These bodies cut across different countries. Below is the Important body:

New Jersey Division of Gaming and Enforcement

The new jersey division of gaming and enforcement is an American-based gaming monitoring and licensing agency. It was founded in 1970 in New Jersey. It ensures that the casino provides quality games on their site. 

Gibraltar regulatory authority

This is one of the top regulatory bodies in Europe. Though it is not solely a casino regulatory body, various electronic communications cover online casinos. Since 2000, this regulatory body has protected users and their data online.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Canada

Kahnawake Gaming Commission, created in 1996, is a Canada-based regulatory body that has issued a license to both land-based and gambling sites in southern Quebec.

UK Gambling Commission

This regulatory body sees the affairs of the casinos within the perimeters of the UK.   It is a very reputable regulatory body as its rules and regulations are firmer than most regulatory bodies. This body is famous for its no-nonsense approach to enforcing its regulations. To discourage casinos from breaking the rules, the body isn't reluctant to penalize any casino that falls short of these rules.

Malta Gaming Authority

Malta gaming authority has become the sweetheart of many casinos as it offers four different licenses to choose from. This license ranges from remote gaming operator, remote betting, abet remote gaming, and managing remote gaming operators. It enables a secured gaming experience for players.  Due to his reputation, the Malta gaming authority has become a global remote gaming regulator.


This regulatory body is in France, which is the home to gambling. France has the record of being the most popular gaming location in the world. It is therefore only appropriate that there be a regulatory body there. ARJEL ( Authorise de Regulation des Jeux en Ligne) was established in 2010. Though they are just as good as other regulatory bodies, ARJRL has a high tax rate that doesn't mean favour casinos.

Spanish gaming commission

Spanish gaming commission was established after the opening of the gaming market to protect the players’ rights. This commission also charges exorbitances rate for tax.

Curacao Internet Gambling Association

This regulatory boy is suited on the north coast of Venezuela. It was established in 1996, which makes it one of the oldest gaming industries. As with other regulatory bodies, its primary purpose is to protect the interest of players. Getting licensed has become imperative for both on land and online casinos to boost their credibility and attract more players.

Special thanks to Barb from for helping us prepare the article.