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A look into why yarn is more than just the perfect craft supply

16th June 2021 Print

When we think of yarn the first words to come into mind are probably going to be cotton, wool, skeins or something along those lines. Not to mention the far from true idea that yarn is the choice craft supply that’s reserved for elderly hobbyist. Truth be told, yarn is much more than just the perfect craft supply and has amazing things to offer anyone at any age. 

The Basics: What is Yarn?

Figuratively speaking, most of us have likely either seen a skein of yarn or should have a general idea of what yarn looks like. Formally speaking, yarn consists of interlocked fibres in long and continuous length that is suitable to use for production of textiles, including but not limited to: 

- Crocheting
- Embroidery
- Weaving  

In other words, there are tons of different ways to get creative with yarn and the endless selection of colors, fibres and weights this cost friendly supply material has to offer. 

How Using Yarn Can Benefit You 

That’s right, yarn is the craft supply that can be used to help better yourself! Getting crafty with yarn will not only help you to discover hidden talents, like picking up crocheting as a new skill, but can also: 

- Be an outlet to release stress and reduce anxiety
- Build self-esteem by challenging yourself to learn something new
- Improve memory by using focus as a brain workout 

Essentially, yarn is the perfect craft supply to use for a quick break from life demands while also helping to improve overall well-being in a fun and engaging way.  

Why Yarn is the Perfect Hobby Supply for Everyone 

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or are simply curious as to what makes yarn so special, there is surely something beneficial that this craft supply can offer to anyone at any age. Simply put, there are plenty of ways for anyone from beginners to those with advanced skills to get crafty with yarn. For starters, there are many exciting techniques to use yarn as a way to create, such as: 

- Crocheting and knitting, using crochet needles to make loops of yarn
- Macrame, using no tools and hand making various intricate knots in the yarn 

On top of being incredibly cost friendly, there’s no such thing as a creative block when it comes to thinking up project ideas because there are endless options of amazing free patterns that will inspire you. Ranging from easy to more complex, some of the many exciting patterns and ideas to give a try are: 

- Wrapping yarn around gifts instead of ribbon for a personal touch
- Using colorful yarn for a fashionable way to sew up holes in clothing
- Crocheting a chunky blanket  

Not to mention, those ideas are just the tip of iceberg when it comes to the different ways to use the perfect craft supply known only as yarn. Now all that’s left to do is pick up a skein of your favorite color yarn and discover what hidden talents this craft supply will show you have! 

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