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Virtual casinos capturing more of online gaming market share

26th August 2021 Print

While the impact of the COVID-19 crisis has not yet been fully analyzed in the online gaming sector, all signs are that virtual casinos have slowly been capturing more and more of the market share, drawing players from brick-and-mortar institutions to online platforms instead.

UK gaming worth £5.9 billion between April and September 2020

Recent data from the UK Gambling Commission puts the total gross gambling yield (GGY) for all forms of gambling—including lotteries, bingo, online revenue, remote betting, and more—at £5.9 billion between April and September 2020. These figures, combined with back-to-back reports from January and February showed that GGY across the industry decreased by 19% compared to the months immediately preceding.

There are many factors contributing to the downturn, among them the forced cancellation of high-profile sporting events which would have driven a substantial amount of betting revenue. As the pandemic and lockdowns continue in certain communities and sway the public consciousness, more bettors are staying home and saving money, as opposed to venturing out to a brick-and-mortar casino or an online equivalent.

However, figures indicate that lockdowns preventing many land-based casinos from servicing players has indeed driven players towards online alternatives. Google Trends notes that more people in the UK searched online for the term “casino” in May 2020 than at any other time on record. Slots are, by far, the most popular game in online establishments, accounting for just under 70% of all the money wagered online—£2.2 billion of the total GGY.

Notwithstanding the downturn, there is no doubt that people have been spending far longer stretches confined to their homes, owing to lockdowns and increased unemployment. A large proportion of this time has been spent online: shopping, learning, job searching, working, and gaming.

As the online gaming market matures and attracts newcomers, with so many casino brands to choose from, where does one start? Casinos Jungle is a good go-to for help in sifting through the overwhelming choice of casinos, cryptocurrency casinos, and free slots. Presented in a simple, fun manner, the site’s honest information can help you decide on where to play casino games at a legitimate and secure casino.

Ensure you are registering with licensed casino

Some experts have pointed out that the ability to gamble from the comfort of one’s own home may be leading to more problematic gambling behaviour. Problem gambling can lead to depression, increase isolation, heighten anxiety, and contribute to poor physical health owing to lack of exercise and poor diet. Boredom and extra disposable income from stimulus checks extra have spawned new and spurred established problem gamblers, and may be responsible for relapses. What’s more, as more people take to online activities, so do criminals; scam casinos are proliferating and protecting yourself online is a serious concern. Take care to ensure you are registering with a licensed casino.

To help mitigate these and other negative aspects of the industry, sites such as Casinos Jungle assess online casinos to ensure that they have security measures to guarantee privacy and protect your personal data—it should be SSL encrypted. Casinos must be licensed and regulated and it’s worth reading the reviews of tried and tested brands. Free slots are a good place to start to try out some software providers to find a style of game that suits you best, practice without losing any money, and generally adopt a healthy and responsible attitude to gambling.

Being aware of what games and game providers are on offer is a big part of assessing if a casino is right for you. Another factor to consider before settling back in your seat is the quality of the customer service; how accessible is support via live chat, phone or email.