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How (and when) to get legal advice

21st September 2021 Print
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Throughout your life, you are probably going to run into a few challenges. From divorce to starting a business or navigating a lawsuit, you never know when you may need legal advice. However, many people may be unsure of when they need legal advice and how to get it. Here are a few helpful tips. 

How to Get Legal Advice

Getting Legal Aid

Legal aid is a welfare provision meant to help eligible people get counsel. However, it is only available to specific groups of people. Legal aid may help you pay for part or all of your legal expenses. Serious cases that qualify for legal aid include:

- When you need family medication
- When you or your kids face the risk of forced marriage or domestic violence
- When you are about to be homeless
- You or members of your family need medication
- You are accused of a crime and face the risk of going to jail
- You are facing discrimination

Legal aid may be available for both civil and criminal cases. In some instances, you may get help from private volunteers, pro-bono lawyers, and federally-funded legal services. 

Getting Free Legal Advice

Legal help can be expensive, and you’d be wise to solicit free advice where possible. Many volunteer lawyers and charities are happy to help. You may receive advice regarding:

- Discrimination
- Employment rights
- Debt
- Asylum and immigration
- Housing
- Family

According to Free Advice, getting some help in the United States can be pretty simple. Depending on the type of free advice you need, there are a few resources to refer to. While some give you initial advice, others may go as far as representing you at a tribunal. Here are a few reliable sources. 

Citizens Advice

You can get plenty of free advice from Citizens Advice. On the website, there is plenty of helpful advice regarding employment issues, housing, and benefits. You may receive advice in person at their offices or over the phone. 

Trade Unions

If you belong to a trade union, consider getting free advice from them. In most cases, they will offer advice regarding employment issues and other legal issues you may face. 

Law Centers

Most law centers in the United States will offer free advice on housing, discrimination, debt, and housing. Find one in your local area and ask for help. 

Work With a Solicitor

Schedule an appointment with a solicitor, and they will help you. Some of them may work on a no-win, no-fee basis. They are some of the best ones when you are working with a tight budget

On their websites, you can find information regarding how they charge for different things. Most solicitors offer legal advice regarding:

- Residential conveyancing
- Probate
- Employment tribunal cases

Before working with a solicitor, ensure that you understand their terms. Go through the agreement carefully and ask questions when necessary.

When Do You Need Legal Advice?

You need legal advice whenever you are dealing with a legal matter. This may include probate, bankruptcy, buying or selling a house, and personal injury cases. Whenever you have to deal with the legal system, bringing in a professional is a good idea. 

Honest attorneys are happy to meet you for a free consultation. If they represent you, their role is to ensure that you have the best experience with the system. They represent your interests and guide you as needed. 

In conclusion, there are many ways to get legal advice when you need it. Many sources in the United States will give you legal advice for free in person or on the phone. If you qualify for legal aid, it can help you pay for part or all of your legal expenses.

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