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Ways to keep your kids away from bad habits

8th October 2021 Print

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tough time for us all. The NHS, care homes and the vulnerable have been affected just to name a few. However, the reality is that everyone got affected in different ways. 

One of the main consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic was school closures up and down the country. Many children were home-schooled and spent an unusual amount of time at home. What’s more, parents that got furloughed, were isolating or working from home had to find the time to school their children whilst entertaining them throughout the day and night. 

Keeping children entertained and stimulated proved difficult a task and, sadly, many became attached to their technical devices to pass the time. As a result of the device overstimulation, some children have developed bad habits that parents find hard to undo. 

So, we have collated some handy ways to keep your kids away from bad habits. 

Acknowledge the problem

Open communication is vital when addressing the bad habits demonstrated by your children. Talking to your partner or close family can help you collate ideas and an action plan on how to tackle the problem. 

Communicating with your children is equally as important. Talking in a calm and approachable manner will help your children listen and understand what you are saying. They may or may not recognise that it as an issue. In which case, you can adapt your talk accordingly to help parent and child get on the same page.

Focus on their favourite hobbies 

If your child is interested in computing, why not make it educational. The BBC micro:bit helps inspire young children to get into technology by making coding fun and easy to learn. Thus, bringing together the digital and real world. 

If your child has a creative brain – embrace it. They might enjoy art so, print out their favourite TV or game character and colour them in. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, make a sculpture from recycled materials. Find any old boxes or paper you have lying around and see who can create the best figure. 


Once you have found hobbies to get your children engaged with, build a routine around them. Children thrive off structure so, giving them a routine will offer security and boundaries. What’s more, you will thrive off routine too. Once you see your children happy and settled in their new routine, this allows you to build your life around them. Start to find time for the things that make you happy and re-build the positive relationship between you and your children – bad habit free.