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Technology has changed the iGaming industry and will continue to do so

14th January 2022 Print

Technology has played a vital role throughout the world as it is used in almost every walk of daily life at the moment. Indeed, it would be rather difficult for many daily activities to be completed without the use of it.

However, one industry that has perhaps managed to be able to benefit more than most in recent years due to the continued evolution technology continues to find itself going through is the iGaming industry.

Indeed, online gambling activities have become extremely popular due to the rise of technology in the past, with more and more turning to operators in their droves. What, though, are the reasons for this?

Availability of bonus offers

One of the biggest differences that technology has perhaps played a role in is that it has allowed operators to provide a number of different bonuses and promotions that traditional casinos are unable to offer.

There are a number of welcome bonuses that continue to provide players with a number of different rewards such as Bet365 who provide bet credits amongst others. Readers can visit this site in order to learn more about bet365 bet credits if they are not quite familiar with the term or what they mean.

A large number of different offers are continually made available to punters as operators continue to look to incentivize people to join them, which is only a bonus for the bettor itself!


There is no doubt that the biggest benefit that technology has provided the online casino industry is that it has made the entire iGaming sector available and accessible to as much of the world’s population as possible.

Operators have been able to capitalize on the introduction of smartphones and tablets by introducing apps that allow users to play their favourite games and place timely bets wherever they are able to connect to the internet.

Improved games

The entire landscape regarding the games to have been made available has also benefitted massively by the continued evolution of technology, as developers are able to provide titles that continue to be better than those that were previously launched in the past.

The slot game niche is one particular evident market that has enjoyed technology to its fullest as new themes have continued to be introduced, whilst a variety of different mechanics such as Megaways, progressive jackpots and even free spins have been possible to introduce in recent years.

Additionally, technology has also allowed for players to get a truly authentic casino experience recently as live dealer games will help bettors to feel as though they have been transported to a physical casino table where they can play classics such as blackjack, roulette and poker from without having to actually go to a physical brick-and-mortar establishment like they would have had to in the past.

Lastly, with technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR) continuing to emerge and be developed further, there is no doubt that technology will once again be able to change the entire online gambling industry even further in the future as punters will be able to experience an immersive gameplay experience like never before!