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Continued change for online sports betting

16th February 2022 Print
sports betting

Online gambling operators were some of few business to thrive throughout the pandemic as player numbers continued to soar – some of this change had been down to the closure of brick-and-mortar locations and the opening of newer online betting services as players visit the site to find the best – but the growth has been a long time coming as online casinos and online sports betting alike are seeing record numbers year after year. The biggest change is being seen in sports betting however, particularly across the US, but what’s leading to this change?

Changing legislation is certainly topping the list as the most impactful reason – in 2018 there has been a major change that allowed individual states to make their own decisions on laws for gambling and betting, and in extension the online space too, and states would quickly take this change on board with bills being submitted for changing regulation. Certain states like Colorado took this change and rolled with it early, almost immediate success was found with the state pulling in billions in wagers and had laid the blueprints for other states to follow with many more bringing in similar levels of success to. 

Not all have been so quick to make changes though, whilst some states have introduced legislation for betting and gambling as a whole not all have pushed for online options just yet with online sports betting looking to be the first target – this does leave the state open for players to cross state lines in order to access some of the bigger sites, and has been considered a problem for some losing business whilst waiting in limbo, with other states almost outright being unwilling to change. It’s still a developing space, and as it’s only really started to change in the past four years there’s certainly lots of movement still to be found but given the results that are being seen in the states that were early adopters it’s safe to say the transition has been a resounding success. 

With a great base for online sports betting, online casinos will likely be the next target across the US as options here are far fewer – with tribal casino rights and gambling laws being murky in this regard though it’ll be a finer path to tread and may be a longer period of time until this is as well developed as the sports betting space. It’s something rapidly changing though, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a similar amount of movement in the casino space in the same amount of time as the sports betting space with growing international interest.

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sports betting