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6 products all dog owners should have in 2022

29th May 2022 Print

Let’s face it; when it comes to pets, man’s best friend will always be man’s best friend. Just ask, for example, people in the UK, where it is estimated that there are about 12 million dogs living in homes

But keeping a dog, of course, means accepting responsibility for them, and it definitely means ensuring you have all the essential items on hand to help ensure they live happy and healthy lives with you. 

What are some of those things? Well, we thought we’d cycle through important product categories, and make some suggestions for the best options in 2022. 

A lead 

It might seem like obvious advice, but it’s well worth carefully asking yourself whether that dog lead you have your eye on really will be able to stand up to the worst that the world (and your dog!) could throw at it. 

Ancol Viva rope slip leads, for instance, are available in various fun colours, and incorporate those all-important design touches for ensuring usability, comfort, and durability, such as poly-weave webbing and a leather adjuster. 

A first-aid kit 

A dedicated pet first-aid kit is as essential as essential gets for a dog, and yet, all too many dog owners don’t pay enough attention to this. Thankfully, Blue Cross has some useful advice on what your own beloved pooch’s first-aid kit should contain

As for if you would like to buy a ‘ready-made’ option so that you aren’t taking any risks, PawAid offers an excellent kit consisting of such items as sting relief, an abdominal pad, safety pins, lancets, gloves, a tick remover… you name it, it’s (probably) included. 

Degradable poo bags 

Your dog needs to poop – we can all agree on that – and you can feel less guilty about the environmental consequences of having poo bags at the ready, when you choose the biodegradable options of the Beco brand. 

Not only are Beco’s biodegradable poo bags big and strong, with the ability to cater to pretty much all sizes of poop, but once you have disposed of them, they will break down naturally. 

Microfibre pet towel 

Yes, we all know that dogs can be a magnet to dirt – but the reality is, you need to do everything possible to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene in how you look after them. A wet and dirty pet coat, after all, can be one at heightened risk of infection. 

So, having some microfibre pet towels to hand can be a really good idea. We’re fond of the offerings from the Henry Wag range, which uses advanced microfibre technology to make the task of keeping your dog clean so much easier. 

Ear wipes 

Staying with the subject of cleaning, the area around your dog’s ears can be similarly prone to becoming infected if you don’t strive to keep them clean in this area. 

So, you will probably appreciate being able to reach for something like the Petkin brand’s veterinarian-approved Ear Wipes, which use a gentle formula for the stress-free removal of dirt, wax, and discharge around the ears. 

Some well-timed treats 

Of course, we just had to include something in the rundown that would be a bit more ‘fun’ (from your dog’s perspective!). 

If you have a puppy from eight weeks old, for example, you might want to stock up on some of The Innocent Hound’s Puppy Training Treats, which – with their grain-free and single protein recipe – have been specifically formulated to be gentle on a puppy’s tummy. 

We have picked out all the above examples from the extensive range of dog essentials in the Hills & Hounds online store – although of course, you might have your own favourite sources of many of these. Invest in the right products, and you can be sure of giving your dog a more satisfying and rewarding life – which, by extension, will be more satisfying and rewarding for you, too.