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How slots, Netflix and more are helping Greek mythology to live on

19th June 2022 Print

Sometimes you just cannot beat the classics and Greek mythology has – literally - become the stuff of legend. The incredible gods and monsters linked to this culture have fascinated people for many years and they are seemingly not quite finished yet.

Why? Because they are continuing to be a major draw in the entertainment industry, across diverse areas including online casino gaming and the world of TV.

A source of inspiration

The mention of online casino gaming might be quite surprising to some, as the area is not one that immediately springs to mind when it comes to mythology. However, this industry has embraced all kinds of themes through the years, with Greek gods proving to be a rich source of inspiration.

This becomes clear when you see the variety of online video slot games at a site like Betfair. Titles are based on a range of subjects, from fishing and TV quiz shows to Ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. However, the influence of Greek mythology is also very notable, particularly thanks to titles like Zeus Lightning Power Reels, Rise of Olympus and Age of the Gods: God of Storms. The latter is based around the deity featured in the title, who is known as Aeolus.

The impact of Greek mythology has also been felt in the world of board games and Gaming Trend recently looked at Kleos. The website outlined how the strategy game is based around a new Greek city and participants can play one of the major gods. Those on offer include Ares, Artemis and Athena.

Mythology reimagined

The examples above highlight how Greek mythology is clearly enduring in the modern day. However, its influence does not stop there, as it was recently confirmed that a new TV show will be exploring the era.

At the end of May, Deadline reported on the upcoming Netflix series Kaos. It outlined how the show was ordered in 2018 and is set to feature 10 episodes, with the drama being a reimagining of both Greek and Roman mythology. It is even expected to feature settings including the Underworld and Mount Olympus.

Deadline added that Aurora Perrineau has been cast in the lead role in the series. She is expected to play Riddy and it is believed that the character will have links to the story of Orpheus. Perrineau has appeared in shows including Prodigal Son, When They See Us and Pretty Little Liars.

Enduring popularity

All in all, it is remarkable to consider the enduring impact that Greek mythology has had on so many areas. From online casinos to board games and beyond, these ancient stories continue to be influential in a number of ways.

News of the new Netflix series is intriguing and it will be interesting to see how it goes on to adapt these famous characters and stories. However, one thing seems clear – while different influences have made their presence felt in the world of popular culture, Greek mythology looks set to be an inspiration for many years to come.

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