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Tiger King’s legacy still living on in slot games and spinoffs

4th July 2022 Print

Tiger King is one of Netflix’s greatest hits, and over 34 million people streamed the show within the first ten days of its release in 2020. The whacky documentary about big cat sanctuary owner Joe Exotic was a surprise sensation, and its legacy still lives on over two years later.

Perhaps slot games like Big Cat Rescue were directly influenced by the popularity of the Netflix series. Tiger King also inspired a second season and a spin-off, so maybe there will be more Exotic-based content for fans in the years ahead.

Big Cat Rescue Slot Aimed at Tiger King Fans

The online bingo industry is one of the best places to see a microcosm of what’s hot in popular culture. When you play online bingo at Paddy Power, you’ll see slots based on various themes designed to attract a range of player personalities. One of these is Big Cat Rescue Megaways, which aims to capture the attention of people who enjoyed watching Tiger King on Netflix.

Released in early 2022, the slot was timed to capitalise on the recent Tiger King spin-off. One of the primary aims of the game is to raise funds for the real-world Big Cat Rescue shelter run by Carole Baskin. Baskin was a prominent figure in Exotic's story, and her profile has been boosted massively by the series. Therefore, when people play the slot, they can give something back to the astonishing creatures that make the Tiger King franchise so well-loved. 

Already Led to Another Season and a Spin-off

Tiger King was originally planned as a one-off series, telling the story of how Exotic ended up going to prison. At the time of its release, it was hard to imagine how it could have continued in another season. However, Netflix couldn’t ignore the success of the show and the sheer number of fans who wanted to see more. Online magazine Vanity Fair called it the perfect binge-watch, and exactly the type of content that Netflix is known for.

In 2021, Netflix opted to double down on Tiger King content, perhaps because the hype of the first season had begun to wane. In November, Tiger King 2 dropped on the platform, and this was followed by The Doc Antle Story in December. However, Variety claimed that it could not live up to the quality of the original.

Will Fans be Treated to More Joe Exotic Action?

There is a chance that viewers have had their fill of Exotic and co now, with the reviews and viewing figures dropping off on the second and third outings. However, Netflix is planning on bringing out more content, which could be released in 2023. The streaming platform may decide to churn out Tiger King releases until interest eventually dies out.

Tiger King was a cultural revelation, and the show has an enduring legacy that is reflected in other media. For people who can’t get enough of the crazed big cat lover, the good news is that there are likely to be more seasons and spinoffs in the future.