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Five top tips for your summer staycation

8th July 2022 Print

There are few things that are guaranteed to garner excitement quite like getting ready to go on holiday. With travel restrictions now mostly lifted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the industry is set to experience a major boom in 2022 as millions make up for lost time.

One thing that the Covid outbreak did prove, however, is that you don’t have to go abroad in order to have a truly memorable trip. The search term ‘staycation’ saw a 511% increase in July 2020 following the first lockdown, and it’s a trend that has enjoyed enduring popularity even though many international borders have now reopened to tourists from the UK.

If you’re planning a summer staycation, then, how can you make sure that you make the most of your break? Here are five top tips to help you along the way. Happy holidays!

Book well in advance

The UK is blessed with plenty of beautiful spots that make the perfect destination for a holiday, so the good news is that there’s an awful lot of choice. Even then, however, the popularity of staycations means that the best places are soon reserved, so your best bet is to be organised and make sure that you get in ahead of the rest and secure your booking.

Make a list

Actually, you might want to make a couple of lists. One will detail everything that you need to take with you while the second (slightly more exciting) list should feature all of the things that you want to do and see while you’re away. It might include things like heading to the beach, seeing the local tourist attractions or taking the kids to an adventure park. If you don’t quite tick everything off, of course, you can always return at another time!

Prepare for all conditions

Even in the height of summer, the famously fickle UK weather can soon turn on you so it pays to be organised and ensure that you’re covered for all eventualities. That means packing clothes which are suitable for the cold or wet, as well as having plenty of indoor activities planned as a backup!

Make sure that you’re road-ready

One of the beauties of a staycation is that you can forego the long queues at the airport and the stress of flying. But the flip side is that you have to get yourself there via car, which means dealing with potential traffic as well as ensuring that your vehicle is in the best possible condition for what could be a long journey. Repairs and maintenance can prove pricey so, if times are tight, you could consider turning to a direct lender to help you to cover the costs.

Capture the memories

Any holiday is a special time and, in years to come, you want to be able to look back fondly and reminisce. Memories can sometimes fade, which is why it’s a great idea to take plenty of pictures. You can even stick them into a scrapbook and store them away for future generations to flick through.