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10 creative ways to make money you may not have thought of

13th July 2022 Print
laptop and cash

Quick navigation If you work nights or weekends or receive multiple pay checks it looks like everybody has an extra pay check. If your grocery delivery shifts are longer you can find a way to earn 5% more money. Some people rely on their creative juices but others do not expect the usual side gig. Some of these money-making ideas could make you extra money – maybe even make you a good job in business.

Creative ways to make money

Yes, there are enjoyable ways to earn money, particularly with the incredibly handy new online casinos UK, as long as they are permitted and you have access to the internet, you can play them from anywhere on the earth. However, in this section, we'll concentrate on inventive approaches to support or generate possibilities for creative work.

Get paid to watch videos

Earned potential: Gift cards in amounts of one to five dollars after seeing a few videos Compared to other fun ways of earning a few hundred bucks, this might be the dream job. Swagbucks offers free online videos and TVs for smartphones. For completing tasks, you earn a reward called Swagbucks that is redeemable for a card between $5 and $25. The amount required for the purchase of an Amazon gift Card is approximately 160 points. Netflix sometimes hired taggers to watch films and mark them according to categories such as sport comedy or strong female leads.

Sell household items on eBay or Amazon

Buying used furniture is the fastest way to earn money. Besides furniture, there are also organizational bins and couches that can be bought. Create a free account, photograph your products to post to eBay. List each piece of equipment with the best value.

Start a garden and sell your produce

Give it money. Growing your own garden and selling locally has proven to be an inexpensive, profitable method. Start marketing a side job on Facebook, or create a website for locals. Sell food items and prepare grocery containers for those who need to stock up every week.

Sell your family crafts online

Make money by making art at Art Nights and selling them. You can create everything from ornaments to paintings. You should publish your favourites on etsy Facebook marketplace and on an ecommerce site. Inform the family about the sale by posting the news on Facebook.


Sell your worn clothes online

How can we earn more money online? Post these on sites like Posh mark, Threshed Up and Real to get money. Every season, you can get rid of your clothing and make enough income so that you could purchase new items. You can start by taking photos of items that are not for sale on eBay and you may make more.


Making crafts has long been regarded as one of the most lucrative ways of making money but the trend exploded with Etsy's founding in 2005. My wife first introduced me to Esty, so I even bought a few things here. This story is hers. It was my first experience ordering wholesale bow sets in the U.S. by the dozen. However, the order minimum is very low: 75 dollars. I asked him if we were going to buy 75 bows, so I would be selling extra to cover the price. So long as I covered the $25.50.


We already talked about being referees. You could even do it as a coach. Various recreation clubs are offered nearby. The major leagues also face constant lack of coaching personnel. If you are an experienced sport lover, you will probably be busy the entire year. It's possible to try it at venues such as the YMCA. Depending on the achievement, you can try becoming a teacher for school. A person could work for a personal trainer or personal coach in a specific sport for a small number of students.


I'm a fitness fan, and I'd love to help you get started. It could be a great career choice to be a fitness instructor. Gyms in many states use personal trainers and since turnovers are high these companies typically seek out some more to fill their positions. You may also be required to obtain specialized training in personal training. The regulations vary between states, although some states require very light standards. You may start as a professional trainer within a fitness centre and then gain more clients.


Start a Kids YouTube Toy Channel

You have to create YouTube channels if you are interested in making money. Opening a few toys makes millions each year. In addition, JoJo Siwa makes approximately $8500 daily on her rapidly expanding YouTube channel. You can create your own YouTube channel without having to provide parental consent to the activity.

Rent out your clothes

You might not wear clothes anymore and want to keep those old suits and dresses. If you don’t have a spare space to store your stuff, it can be rented. Fashion Lend Loanable and RentNotBuy have partnered with other companies that provide rental options for their products. You can make monthly income off unused items.

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