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Options to consider when planning a funeral

18th October 2022 Print

Planning a funeral is never an easy thing to do. There is a lot of emotion and sadness at this time, and it can make the process hard to bear. However, many people will have already expressed their wishes about how they want their funeral service to go, so hopefully it will be easier. There are some things that you need to consider when planning a funeral so that it goes along with their wishes. 

The Type of Service

There are different types of service that can be performed at a funeral. You should ask your local funeral directors to give you a list of the ones they can arrange; Haynan, for example, can offer a simple funeral in Kent, but also plan a more elaborate form of service if you wish. 

Generally, you can choose between a burial and a cremation. You can also opt for a religious or non-religious ceremony depending on the person's wishes. Cremations will often allow you to then scatter the ashes where the person wanted them, however, it is important to remember that some locations do not allow ashes to be scattered, so it is best to check first. 

Burials can now be performed in many ways, from the traditional church burial to a woodland burial and even a burial at sea. 

Choosing the Date and Location

Choosing the date of the funeral will usually depend on a number of factors. These can include when guests can all be present at the same time, where the ceremony will take place, and when a venue can be booked. 

In most cases, you can arrange a funeral within about a week or so. Weekends are often booked, but can also be the best time for many to attend the ceremony. 

How Much the Service Will Cost

The overall cost of the service will depend on what the ceremony will require. You can get fixed-price services from your local funeral directors, but it is important to see what these include before agreeing. 

If there are certain requirements that the person wants, then this can cost more, however, in most cases, these additional requirements can be arranged. It may involve contacting all of the vendors and companies that will be providing things at the funeral so you can get the overall cost before you decide. 

Arranging the Order of Service

The order of service is a list of songs, readings and hymns that will be conducted during the service. The planning for the order of service may have already been done by the person before they died, so it is important to see what their wishes were. 

Even though they may have wanted a particular person to do a reading, they might not feel up to doing it themselves. In this case, arranging someone else to read it might be the best option. 

Selecting the Music

Music can be a huge part of the ceremony. It is an opportunity to play the songs and music that the person loved. They may have already decided on the music they want, but if not, then you should try to choose music that you know they liked

Remember that in some cases, you might need to provide the music to be played at the ceremony. Ask the venue how they need the music, whether it needs to be on a CD or on a USB stick. You will also need to advise them when you want a particular piece of music to be played. 

Arranging Transport

Arranging transport is a key part of the service. You will need to speak to all the guests to see how they will be getting to the service and the wake afterward if there will be one. 

You can ask the funeral directors to arrange for a car to take the immediate family members, while other guests may need to come by coach or share cars with others. 

Planning the Wake

Not everyone wants to have a wake after the funeral, but if there is one planned, you will need to liaise with venues and possibly vendors to arrange for the wake to be held. 


Arranging a funeral service can take a lot of planning and time. However, it will be a lovely memorial to the loved one and their family.