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How virtual reality could be the future of online casinos

18th March 2023 Print

The BBC's latest season of The Apprentice contains an episode where the budding entrepreneurs laid out an immersive experience. There were plenty of laughs for the viewers at the expense of the rookie entrepreneurs, but there was also an appreciation of how compelling the industry has become. Live monopoly and immersive treasure hunts are just two examples of how popular this genre is.

The Rise of the Metaverse

This is certainly gaining traction in the world of online casinos as the advance of technology begins to accommodate more refined needs. The recent adverts extolling the virtues of the metaverse are a shortcut for easier and more animated access to history. This solves a problem for those that desire a specific need for a physical atmosphere but want to avoid the hassle of visiting land-based sites.

The online gaming world is already merging different elements of casino play such as the increasing popularity of hybrid games like Slingo bingo games. There are now augmented casino experiences online too which are part game show and part bingo, like the ever-popular Deal or No Deal Slingo. With the ever-evolving world of tech, virtual reality is an exciting frontier although many challenges need to be addressed before VR makes a true impact in this sector.

AR Makes the World Play to Your Tune

The rise of augmented reality - which elevates a real-world setting rather than a virtual one - is especially on the rise for online casino players. The next leap of imagination is being able to point at something, like a tennis player at Wimbledon, and immediately access all the stats that suggest his or her form on the grass from an interactive app. It would make it easier for people to place a wager on the event and have all the information ready literally at their fingertips.

Despite the challenges ahead in building the software to ensure the online experience is as smooth and powerful without the problems of lagging, there are already a number of experiences that are placing the person within the four "invisible" walls of the casino without needing bricks and mortar. Ultimately, from movies to museums, people want to be taken to another world in their leisure time more often than not when real life doesn't always seem so much fun.


Virtual Reality Gaining Traction in Casino Gaming

There are some games already out there where players can use a VR headset and interact 'as if they were there' like Gonzo's Treasure Hunt. In some online casinos, players can sit in a virtual VIP room or play in an animated scenario like on a pirate ship. There are also real-life sounds that will replicate the casino ambience, like the spin of a roulette wheel or the roll of a die.

Since the invention of the first slot machines, casino gaming has come a long way over the last several decades alone. Now, players want authenticity and to feel the reality of the fantasy, even through the screen. There may be some way to go yet but the future might be seen through goggles rather than just Google.

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