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What is an employer seal and what advantages does it offer?

17th April 2023 Print

The shortage of skilled workers continues to be a major issue in Germany. Companies are thus continuously finding it more difficult to fill their vacancies with suitable personnel. The real top employees are also very quickly off the market for this reason. 

Therefore, it plays an immensely important role for companies to present themselves as attractively as possible to potential applicants. It should be immediately apparent to interested parties that their potential new employer places a high value on a healthy working environment. 

One of the particularly recommendable options in this context is to have one's own company awarded an employer seal. The following article explains in detail what is behind this and how companies can benefit from it. 

What lies behind the employer seal

Employer seals represent special awards for employers. Such seals of approval are already familiar to people from many other areas of life, such as food. 

The aim of such an award is always to give potential customers a clear idea of what they can expect. This can also be applied to recruiting. After all, there is a certain amount of uncertainty among many applicants as to whether the company they are applying to is actually the right employer for them.  

This is precisely where employer seals, such as the Top Employer award, come in by conveying a certain degree of certainty. They ensure that potential employees perceive in just a few seconds that the company in question supports a healthy working environment, treats its employees with respect and guarantees fair compensation. 

This makes employers look much more attractive, so that they can significantly increase the number of high-quality applications. 

How to benefit from employer seals

For the company, an employer seal is a subliminal marketing measure. They do not have to actively perform - the seal enables potential applicants to immediately recognize that the company is a promising employer. 

It is only necessary to acquire the seal once, so that it can be used in the form of high-quality self-promotion over a certain period of time. In the course of renewed tests, the seal can of course be renewed again and again. 

The demands of potential employees have risen significantly in recent years - this applies in particular to skilled workers. For them, there is often quite a wide choice between different potential employers. Therefore, they are grateful for impulses that facilitate their final decision - such as the employer seal. 

For the company, employer seals are usually accompanied by an increase in the number of applications. This significantly increases their chances of finding a suitable and qualified new employee. The high quality of new hires also often increases the overall success of the company. 

Of course, it should not be overlooked that an existing employer seal of approval always represents a decisive competitive advantage. If an applicant can choose between two companies, the company with the employer seal usually has a much better chance of being accepted. 

Incidentally, employer seals mean advantages not only for potential new employees, but also for existing employees. After all, a certification can only be successfully passed if certain standards are met in the company. The teams thus experience a pleasant working atmosphere in which they can work successfully and with motivation.