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Game currency in games - ways to earn money and how to buy starting money without risk

1st June 2023 Print

Every player who comes to MMO RPGs starts their journey in the universe with gradual steps and familiarization with the basic mechanics and learning system.

Gold is a special currency, which is called so in most games, but sometimes it is coins, glimmers, gils and other features, but the essence of this remains unchanged and we will call them gold for a general understanding and lack of misconceptions.

Gold acts as a natural source of all kinds of services and items that can be transferred from player to player, and its value is difficult to underestimate and overestimate.

It allows the player to get the most out of the project, simply by purchasing everything you need for a comfortable game.

You can earn or get gold in any MMO RPG as follows:

- Complete quests

- Grinding and hunting

- Complete raids and dungeons

The fourth and unnamed point is simply to buy the right amount of game gold by finding trusted suppliers.

This can be done thanks to the Findcarry service, simply by clicking on the link - You will be offered the best services for your game, which are engaged in the sale of game currency.

The service always checks the resources that it adds to its list and sorts them according to the following criteria - price, order fulfillment speed, reviews.

Professional services always provide guarantees for their services and can return money in case of problems with the game administration. Such transactions are based on anonymity and the use of game mechanics to safely transfer the required amount of gold to the addressee.

Complete quests

Quests are special tasks and assignments that are performed in order to gain experience, gold, equipment and gradually develop the game narrative and learn more and more new mechanics. The main quests are often unmissable as they are needed for the storyline and allow the developers to smoothly teach players everything the project has to offer, gradually increasing the level of difficulty. So does World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy and other similar MMOs.

In addition to the main tasks, there are also secondary tasks - these are simple tasks that should complement the players' capabilities with additional experience, gold and other useful and useless rewards. Unlike the main tasks, the secondary tasks do not even have to be completed, the main thing is that the area for completing all the quests matches, otherwise it is a waste of time.

The Mythic Raid is the most difficult format as it requires a large number of participants, a very ferocious boss with huge health and attack power, and a lot of reworked mechanics for dealing fast and heavy damage and constant use of skills that make it difficult to win the raid. Even one mistake can easily lead to failure.

If you resist such an onslaught and win, you will be able to get the best legendary equipment and weapons that will help to significantly strengthen your character, or allow you to earn a lot of gold by selling them on the marketplace.


Grinding and hunting

Hunting and grinding have always been worthy alternatives to the quest system, moreover, some players are really attracted to such types of games where you need to exterminate monsters for hours and use the accumulated items to strengthen the character, and this is precisely what is put at the heart of development - the constant strengthening of the hero and work on collecting the best sets of armor and weapons.

Hunting should be understood as the work of collecting materials important for the craft and items suitable for food - meat and fish.

Such works allow you to accumulate a large amount of gold, where the quality depends on the amount of time and equipment, the ability to choose the best location for pumping, and simply on luck in the form of the amount of rare resources that you can get in a short period of time.


Complete raids and dungeons

Raids have always been an alternative to character enhancement and experience. Gold here is obtained not in its pure form, but in the equivalent of equipment and weapons that can be obtained in one campaign against local bosses.

Raids are normal, heroic and mythic.

A normal raid is an introduction to the general dungeon system, guards, and the boss itself, so you can get used to the overall dynamics of the fight, the common schemes that the boss often uses and what tactics can be used to win. If successful, you will be eligible to advance to the next level of difficulty and earn the equipment that is required to overcome the minimum conditions for passing.

The heroic raid is already more difficult - the boss receives increases in his characteristics, has more strengths than weaknesses and uses his skills more often. With the accumulation of proper equipment, everything is also passed without any problems, but the minimum number of players to enter becomes larger.

Risks when ordering gold from ordinary players

On each game server, you can find players who offer to sell game currency, and often these are the lowest prices and fast delivery, according to their assurances.

By trying to cooperate with such players, you risk several things at once:

1. You can be deceived - in most transactions, payment is made first and only then the delivery of the promised goods. If a professional service fulfills its obligations, because it values its name, then the player can simply delete the character and create a new one, and you will never find it.

2. The player does not give a guarantee - the gold you are trying to buy may be stolen, or farmed using bot programs. Such transactions are considered illegal and during the proceedings the game administration will punish all those responsible and simply take away the gold and may even impose sanctions for participating in game schemes that violate the game rules.

3. Even if the supplier is honest, he may simply not know the basic tricks for disguising such transactions, and you will simply fall under the witch hunt by the game administration. The gold will be confiscated and sanctions may be imposed, or limited to a warning at first.

Keep a close eye on the fact of the transfer of gold - it should never be a gratuitous exchange, especially a large amount of gold. Avoid mail and try to get gold through the commission system, or through an exchange using items, so that everything looks like a standard purchase.

In this context, such a deal can only be carried out with a player whom you know well, and in all other situations, you simply trust the game service, overpay a little, but get your gold quickly and without unnecessary risks, guarantees will also be given and even the opportunity to return the money if the fault of an employee, you will lose the purchased gold.

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