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Phones vs Switch: Decoding the Best Portable Gaming Device for You

18th October 2023 Print

Gamers in the year 2023 have nothing but options when it comes to playing on the go. While this is great, it also raises questions as to which devices are worth the investment - a hard debate for many. We'll make this easier for you by laying down the pros and cons of the two main contenders in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Gaming

Let’s start off with the most budget-friendly option, which is a phone. The reason we say budget-friendly is that everyone needs one. So even if you decide to splurge on a higher-end one, like the iPhone 15 or the Samsung S23 Ultra, you can count it as a two-in-one if you want to use it for gaming too. Let’s start with the fact that practically every browser game now offers cross-platform compatibility, even online casino platforms. 

This means that should you want to play Paddy Power online slot games, for example, you can do so with ease even from your phone. You won’t even need a higher-end device either - any slot game from The Stash to Legion Gold is adapted to your phone’s screen. It’s portable and accessible, meaning you can take your gaming from your PC’s browser to your phone with no hassle. 

Of course, you also have the option to go for a gaming app. With the Play Store and App Store offering hundreds of thousands of games, you won’t have to worry about finding one that fits your preferences, no matter how niche they are. 

However, there are drawbacks - there had to be as this option was sounding far too good. First of all, you will be cut off from playing any AAA games as these titles require some pretty hefty hardware. 

Then there's the popularity of the freemium payment model. When it comes to phone apps, many allow you to play the game for free initially but actually require you to continuously pay extra, either for full access or additional features.

Finally, there is a disadvantage when it comes to touch controls unless you’re willing to invest in compatible controllers or a keyboard and mouse.

Pros and Cons of The Nintendo Switch

There have been plenty of consoles that have attempted to make gaming more portable, but the Nintendo Switch truly is the best on offer - at least for now. But the main reason is that it is a hybrid device that allows you to both game on the go and also attach it to the included dock to play it on a larger screen. Once again, this is another delectable two-in-one product, albeit from a solely gaming perspective. 

The second main advantage it holds over other portable consoles is its vast library. As a reputable company, it has plenty on offer, from indie games to AAA titles, but the best part is most definitely its Nintendo Switch exclusive content

However, the hardware is quite lacking when compared to consoles released in the same year. This does mean that while you’ll be able to play heavier games, the graphics won’t be as spectacular and you may experience some minor lagging. In addition, for a portable device, the battery life is quite lacking. Thus, if you’re looking to play for hours on the go, make sure to keep a portable charger on hand at all times. 

We also have to mention that with the release of the Steam Deck, there is now some pretty tough competition for Nintendo. We are sure this will only help improve the next releases. For now, we’ll wait with bated breath for the next installment of the Switch and any news the secretive Nintendo will bestow upon us.


Ultimately, for the more hardcore gamers out there, the Switch would be the better option, while casual gamers will certainly enjoy the ever-improving and versatile mobile gaming scene. Honestly, it’s a pretty tough choice to pick between the best portable devices, so it will ultimately fall on your budget and preferences. Regardless, we wish you luck on your gaming journey.

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