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4 online games to play on the go

9th February 2024 Print

Fancy escaping mindless scrolls on social media? Online games can be a great way to get your thinking cap on, socialise with others or tap into your concentration skills.

The ability to access games on our smartphones and tablets means we can play on the go, which is ideal for anyone wanting to engage in a little ‘me-time’ doing something they enjoy.

Here are some popular games you might want to consider.

Mobile slots 

Mobile slots can be played on your smartphone and they’re super easy to play. You can play different variations, such as Book of Dead, Starburst and Big Bass Bonanza, each offering a unique theme to keep things interesting.

Often, you have the chance to win money and these games should be enjoyed responsibly. You simply choose your bet amount and press ‘spin’ to start the game. To win, the symbols need to match across a full row. Reputable providers will offer safety functions and be regulated.


A New York Times creation, Wordle was all anyone spoke about for a period in 2021 after the game created a feature that allowed players to share their daily results on social media. This stirred a sense of competitiveness and FOMO, hurtling the game to the top of download charts.

The premise is simple. Each day, you need to guess a five-letter word. You have six guesses and the tiles will indicate whether you have the correct letters and whether or not they are in the correct place. It’s a great game for anyone who wants to tap into their vocabulary and flex their thinking skills.

Among Us 

Launched in 2018, Among Us saw a huge resurgence during the pandemic in 2020. You can play against other players or go solo. It’s described as a ‘social deception game’, involving crewmates and an imposter. The imposter is tasked with sabotaging the game without being caught.

It’s a fun, quirky cartoon game that provides much-needed escapism for anyone wanting to unwind. The chat function allows players to be social too.


If you’re keen to hone your chess skills and don’t want to rely on finding another player, online chess is the perfect solution. It makes a largely unportable game extremely portable – there’s no need to carry a board and chess pieces around with you to get stuck in.

Chess is a hugely respected game and is said to have endless benefits for our health, ranging from improved mental wellbeing to better concentration. There are even plans in place to ensure that chess is available to play for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. On top of this, the ability to play chess is said to be beneficial for our minds as we get older, with evidence suggesting that it can help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.