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How Do Slingo Games Differ from Bingo?

13th May 2024 Print

The online gambling industry has changed greatly in recent years as new games and features have been added. Slingo is one of the most interesting introductions but what exactly are these games and what sets them apart from bingo?

What Are Slingo Games?

Slingo is a genre rather than a single game, meaning that there are different versions with similar mechanics but different features and themes. They all work on the basis of being a cross between a slot machine and bingo, which means that once you try one of them you will already have a good idea of how the others work.

The variety of ways of playing Slingo at Paddy Power included themed titles like Slingo Cleopatra, Slingo Capital Gains and Slingo Constitution Hill. Slingo Money Train is a good example of the versatility of the genre, as it’s based on a slot of the same name and includes the same bonus game that helped make the slot popular. Slingo Deadliest Catch has a fishing theme and is based on the Discovery Channel show.

How Do These Games Work?

The basic idea of Slingo is that you spin the reels to bring up a set of numbers or symbols, similar to the way a slot machine works. However, rather than earning a prize based on the results, you move onto the next stage which is where any matching number are marked off your grid. This makes it sound a lot like bingo, with the main difference being that there are certain symbols such as free spins and wilds that help you on your way.

At the side of the screen, a prize ladder shows how much you would win depending on the number of lines you complete, which are known as Slingos. Each grid has a total of 12 lines to be completed during ten or 11 spins. Claim the top prize if you complete all 12 lines to reach the top of the prize ladder. 

The use of various themes has allowed developers to add features that fit each theme and make the games unique. Deadliest Catch sees you catch crabs in a bonus round. A real-life horse inspired the Constitution Hill game, where you have to choose a horse and see if you win a prize as it races around the track on each spin. 

Capital Gains has a Money Charge bonus and also a couple of different vaults that you try to access. Deal or No Deal Slingo is inspired by the TV game show of the same name whose maths are analysed here by Den of Geek. You’re asked to choose your box at the start and can expect to receive banker’s offers as you play. 



Slingo has proved to be a popular addition to online gambling sites thanks to the way it adds a new twist to the classic format of bingo by adding a slots feel. This new way of playing sites alongside bingo rather than replacing it. Slingo seems likely to continue growing in popularity as more themes are added in the future.

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