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Avoid motor madness - ensure breakdown blunders are covered

18th May 2009 Print

Motor-loving Brits hitting the roads on a quick and easy get-away this year may find breakdown cover is a must to ensure a smooth ride, says

For driving in Europe, research from the UK's leading price comparison site found annual motor breakdown cover is available from as little as £69 from Insurance Choice. The research shows it is important motorists not only choose a competitive policy but also one that has the benefits that meet their needs. For example, people should check for added extras such as caravan cover, roadside assistance or a courtesy car should they want or need them.

To avoid spending a holiday stranded on the roadside, motorists should also consider call out times - current averages range from up to 30 minutes to one hour for the UK, and up to 90 minutes in Europe.

Steve Sweeney, head of motor insurance at said: "With the range of policies on offer, and competitive costs available, there really is no excuse for motorists not to take out breakdown cover. Many of us will be hitting the roads this year; whether its credit-crunch caravanning in the UK or driving on a European escapade, motorists should consider their breakdown cover options before getting behind the wheel.

"We don't realise how much we depend on our cars until a breakdown happens, so there are many factors to consider when taking out a policy. Decide whether you want to cover the vehicle or the person - covering the vehicle means anyone driving it will be covered, regardless of whether they are the policyholder or not, and covering the person means you're insured as the driver or passenger of any vehicle, and although it is typically more expensive than vehicle cover, it is handy if you drive several vehicles.

"Motorists need to be aware UK breakdown policies do not always remain valid if they venture across the channel so reading the small-print is again crucial. The last thing holiday-makers want is to spend their well-deserved break sitting on the side of the road or forking out for a call-out fee should their vehicle break-down, especially as you may have to deal with a language barrier too. Other precautions such as carrying the recommended breakdown equipment in your boot are also advisable, and remember that motoring regulations will vary from country to country - to drive in France without carrying a reflective jacket and warning triangle will incur an instant fine, for example." recommends drivers analyse the small print of a motor breakdown policy before purchasing. The range of cover levels offers motorists the choice of very basic cover through to a very comprehensive service offering alternative transport or hotel accommodation.