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TAP in-flight magazine highlights Fortaleza

24th July 2008 Print
In its July edition, UP – dare to dream higher – takes us to Fortaleza, the capital of the State of Ceara in Brazil. There sun-kissed and welcoming lands offer visitors 573 kilometers of coastline with paradisiacal beaches and a fascinating inland country with a wide range of landscapes ranging from the green of the Atlantic coastal forests to the golden-brown of the badlands inland.

From this fabulous Ceara also come some of the best voices of Brazilian music – Raimundo Fagner is interviewed in this edition – and the most original of gastronomic flavors in a unique fusion of indigenous and European ingredients. It is the state-capital of cachaça (sugar cane rum) and the caipirinha drink, major cultural festivals and cordel (newsstand pamphlet) literature through which some of the most popular myths of Brazil are recounted.

The July edition of UP also includes a walk through the Palace Hotel Bussaco and its grounds with the Fado singer Camané and pianist Mário Laginha, the personal choices of the celebrated gourmet Jose Bento dos Santos, the best in Portugal in the opinion of the journalist Fernando Alves as well as the travels of the friendly physician Fernando Nobre. Our pages also report on the worldwide success of the Portuguese company NDrive and invite readers to visit Sao Tome & Principe in the last century through the narrative of Miguel Sousa Tavares in "Ecuador".

As always, UP presents a special selection of hotels in Portugal and the rest of the world as well as all that which one cannot afford to miss out on onboard our fleet – extraordinary cinema, excellent music, gastronomy and first-class wines – as well as good news from TAP.