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Exceptional honour for British Airways crew

23rd July 2008 Print
The crew of the BA 38 have been awarded the airline's highest accolade, the BA Safety Medal, for their remarkable skill and courage. The three flight crew and 13 cabin crew have been praised for their professionalism in the handling of the incident in January when their Boeing 777 aircraft landed short of the runway at Heathrow.

The BA Safety Medal has been awarded only three times before and recognises exceptional achievement by British Airways staff.

British Airways' chief executive, Willie Walsh said: "The crew demonstrated incredible professionalism, first in landing the aircraft safely and then evacuating all the passengers with only a few minor injuries sustained. The whole of British Airways is extremely proud of them."

Captain Peter Burkill said: "It is a great privilege for us to receive the BA Safety Medal. We are extremely honoured to be added to the list of the very few people who have received this award.

"The training we undergo at British Airways is second to none. During the events of the 17 January these skills kicked in, as we did everything we could to ensure the safety of our passengers."