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Asparagus in season for Lufthansa Business Class

29th May 2008 Print
Yesterday marked the start of the asparagus season at Lufthansa. For the next ten days, passengers flying Business Class on almost all the airline’s domestic and European routes can look forward to classic menus featuring the "royal vegetable" as well as imaginative variations on the theme.

In addition to asparagus spears with traditional hollandaise sauce, menus will include asparagus served with herbal vinaigrette, as a wrap, as asparagus salad with king prawns or as a strawberry-and-asparagus ragout with mint pesto.

In addition to the internationally known green asparagus, Lufthansa will be offering white asparagus from Germany. While green asparagus grows in flat beds and owes its colour to exposure to sunlight, white asparagus is cultivated in deep mounds of soil to protect it from daylight. This retains the asparagus’ pale, creamy colour and also its extremely mild flavour.

The asparagus season at Lufthansa is part of "surprising moments" – the airline’s inflight service concept, which is aimed at making the on-board experience for passengers even more appealing and varied.