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Lufthansa’s Heathrow passengers get mobile

15th October 2008 Print
Lufthansa has selected the UK as a key launch market outside Germany for its pioneering mobile boarding pass. Effective 13th October 2008, Lufthansa passengers flying from London Heathrow can now use mobile boarding passes on all Lufthansa non-stop flights to Germany as well as to most onward destination in Europe. The service will be gradually introduced from additional UK and European departure points over the coming months.

The UK launch follows the successful introduction of mobile boarding passes on all domestic German routes in the summer and last month on about 1,000 daily flights out of Germany to almost 400 European destinations. The innovative service has already gained widespread acceptance amongst Lufthansa passengers with more than 7,000 passengers a week using electronic boarding passes.

The mobile boarding pass is sent to passengers via email or SMS to an Internet-enabled mobile phone. In addition to the relevant flight data such as the passenger’s name, flight number and departure time, the boarding pass contains a 2D barcode which permits passengers to pass through the security checkpoints and then proceed straight to their departure gate. There, the barcode is read by a scanner, enabling the passenger to board the aircraft without a printed paper document.

“Selecting London Heathrow as one of the key launch markets outside Germany for the mobile boarding pass clearly demonstrates just how much we value our UK customers,“ says Marianne Sammann, Lufthansa General Manager UK & Ireland. “I am sure this new service will prove to be invaluable, particularly to business travellers, making their journeys simpler, more flexible and more convenient.”

Lufthansa passengers can request an electronic boarding pass via the mobile portal by using an Internet-enabled mobile device or they can check in online via the Internet. All they need in order to identify themselves online or via the Lufthansa mobile portal is their booking code combined with the passenger name. Alternatively, passengers also have the option of collecting a printed boarding pass at a self-service check-in terminal or at a Check-in counter if they are unable to display their electronic boarding pass on their mobile (for example, if their phone needs recharging).

Further information can be found under From here, a direct link to the mobile portal can be sent free-of-charge via sms to a passenger’s mobile phone.