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Lufthansa offers a culinary journey of discovery

21st October 2008 Print
Lufthansa is now offering passengers flying Business Class on many European routes an even more varied and enjoyable dining experience. Eight newly created menu variations will be offered as part of the "Discover Flavour" concept – each based on a specific theme and changing weekly. The enticing culinary delicacies await Business Class travellers from mid- October until the changeover to the summer timetable in April next year.

On flights from Germany, all the menus will revolve around four fruits and vegetables: apples, grapes, potatoes and tomatoes. Each menu will highlight a different fruit or vegetable, interpreting it in a novel and varied way. Delicious variations, such as fried apple slices with chicken liver mousse, salted and sautéed tuna fish with grape salad, sweet potato slices with smoked salmon tartar or goat’s cheese with tomato chutney will offer exceptional flavour experiences in original and unexpected combinations.

On flights to Germany, Lufthansa will be presenting regional specialities from four of the country’s regions: Hesse, Saxony, Baden and Frisia. Typical dishes from Hesse are Frankfurter Grüne Sosse (green herb sauce), Schneegestöber (Camembert mixed with cream cheese) and Frankfurter Kranz (a rich, creamy layer cake).

From Saxony comes Leipziger Allerlei (a medley of vegetables) with crayfish and Dresdner Stollenmousse (a rich cake-and-caramel cream dessert). Baden is represented by such delicacies as mushroom salad with walnuts, guinea fowl terrine and mini Black Forest cherry gateau, while traditional dishes from Frisia include North Sea shrimp, sweet-and-sour cucumber salad, North Sea smoked cheese, slices of cured mettwurst sausage and red berry pudding with vanilla sauce.

"Good Morning Monday" and "Blue Hour"

On Monday mornings since the end of September, passengers travelling in Business Class on domestic German and selected European flights have been offered a very varied breakfast. As part of the "Good Morning Monday" service, fresh fruit, juices, muesli and a range of delicious pastries are offered.

As it only right that a week that starts with such culinary delights should end on a relaxed note, Lufthansa is reviving its popular "Blue Hour". Every Friday from 10 October, from late afternoon until late in the evening, Business Class passengers can look forward to a selection of tasty Mediterranean or Oriental delicacies, with drinks to match. The menus, which will alternate weekly, will include delicious tapas with Crema Catalana served with a beer with a chili-and-lemon flavour or walnuts stuffed with dates, served with a blend of fresh fruit juices with mint.