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G.A.P Adventures takes travellers to the edge of space

14th November 2007 Print
After years of providing travellers with the most exciting, innovative adventures in the world, G.A.P Adventures is now helping people experience our planet’s last frontier—space. With the launch of these three new Space Experiences, G.A.P Adventures can now cater to those travellers whose wanderlust extends beyond this world.

“Making new and thrilling travel experiences available to people has driven G.A.P Adventures to every corner of the globe,” said G.A.P Adventures CEO Bruce Poon Tip. “I am proud that we now also cater to travellers who not only look up into the night’s sky with open eyed curiosity, but want to experience it first-hand. For G.A.P Adventures it was never a question of if we could provide our travellers with the experience of undertaking space travel, but when.”

G.A.P Adventures new Space Experiences include:

Russia Space Adventure – The Edge of Earth: Would be astronauts no longer require a degree in astrophysics or a million dollar bank account to be able to view the earth’s curve from 60,000 ft with G.A.P Adventures new Russia Space Adventure. Travellers will be taken to the upper reaches of earth’s atmosphere in a MIG-31 Jet Fighter to experience the edge of space itself.

When their feet finally touch the ground, travellers on this adventure will be able to explore remnants of the vast aviation history that placed the then Soviet Union on the world map. The Monino Air Museum, just outside of Moscow, houses some of the oldest aircrafts in the former Soviet Republic. This three-day trip concludes with a chance for travellers to immerse themselves in the many sights of fascinating Moscow, with the third day acting as a back-up flight day in case of poor weather conditions.

Zero Gravity Adventure: G.A.P Adventures has a tour that allows travellers to experience zero gravity first-hand. After exploring Moscow, tour members will be transported to the Chkailovsky Air Base, located just outside of Moscow. After one day of cosmonaut training, they will fly 34,000ft into the atmosphere to experience zero gravity. Once the proper altitude is reached of this remarkable flight, weightlessness takes control and the travellers will feel as though they were in space itself.

Cosmonaut for a Day: If you don’t want to fly to 60,000 ft but would still like to experience life as a cosmonaut, then G.A.P Adventures has the ideal tour. The five-day “cosmonaut training package” provides the opportunity to train like a real Russian cosmonaut, from eating space food to experiencing space simulators. Also included is an opportunity to explore the immense aviation history of Russia and the many tourist attractions of Moscow. This unique tour allows travellers to experience what is required for life in space, without having to leave earth.

G.A.P Adventures has committed itself to providing the public with unique and accessible travel experiences. The three new Space Experiences will take travellers closer to space than ever before. For more information visit