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Dominica – A Caribbean cruise stop with plenty of choice

28th July 2009 Print
Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, is an increasingly popular destination for cruise ships due to the abundance of activities and adventures it offers.

Most cruise companies will suggest a range of island excursions, but for passengers unaware of what to expect, this list outlines ten of the best day-trip options that will allow passengers to experience Dominica’s unique attractions, landscapes and culture.

Ten of the best day trip options in Dominica

- Take a scenic boat ride along the Indian River in Portsmouth and enjoy a refreshing rum punch at the Indian River bush bar, surrounded by tropical plants and wildlife. The Indian River was one of the locations used during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest

- Get a closer look at Dominica’s lush rainforest on The Rain Forest Aerial Tram in Laudat (just six miles north of the capital, Roseau). Passengers take a mile-long journey by gondola through the protected tropical montane rainforest, while knowledgeable guides explain more about the ecosystem

- Discover your inner thrill seeker with Wacky Rollers Adventure Park at the Layou River, where river tubing, jeep safaris, a 200-foot zip wire course and kayaking are all on offer

- Uncover the island’s heritage on the Touna Heritage Village Tour where visitors will learn more about Dominica’s indigenous population of Kalinago (Carib Indians) at a living community within the Carib Territory

- Cookery fans will enjoy one of the Creole cooking tours available. Learn more about local produce and Dominica’s agricultural history before a demonstration of Creole cookery and a delicious meal at the home of your hosts

- Dominica is renowned for its excellent coral reefs and divers and snorkellers can explore one of the island’s most famous marine sites at Champagne. Located in the Soufriere Scott’s Head Marine Reserve (SSMR), Champagne is a spot where warm bubbles rise to the surface of the water from an underground hot spring

- Nature lovers and hikers alike should take a walk on the Syndicate Nature Trail in the north of the island. This is an ideal opportunity to explore one of Dominica’s forests and possibly even spot the island’s two endemic parrot species. The well-maintained paths are suitable for walkers of any ability

- Dominica has over 300 rivers and many scenic waterfalls. At Trafalgar Falls, twin waterfalls known as the ‘Mamma’ and the ‘Papa’ flow side by side. The falls are accessible via a ten-minute walk within the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Emerald Pool is another easy-to-reach waterfall and a popular swimming spot

- Dominica’s volcanic origins means it is home to a number of hot sulphur springs where visitors can relax surrounded by the natural sights and sounds of the rainforest. There are a number of hot springs in the Wotten Waven area of Morne Trois Pitons National Park

- Dominica is the only country in the world where sperm whales reside all year round. Whale watching excursions run several days a week during cruise ship season with excellent chances of spotting whales and dolphins

All of these excursions – plus many more – can be organised upon arrival at the cruise ship terminals in Dominica. Visitors are reminded only to take tours with certified taxi drivers and tour operators, who can be identified by the red circular discs on their vehicle’s windscreen. All of Dominica’s certified taxi drivers are trained tour guides and highly knowledgeable about the Nature Island.

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