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Hall in Tirol presents the largest silver coin in the world

12th June 2008 Print
Hall in Tirol presents the largest silver coin in the world   There is great excitement in Hall in Tirol as the public awaits the launch of the largest silver coin in the world. The hitherto unseen back of the Europe taler has been revealed on the occasion of the 2008 European Championship of Football in Austria and Switzerland. The verso of the coin, which weighs exactly 20.08 kg, with a diameter of 36 cm, portrays important personalities from the last 500 years in European history.

Famous people from history adorn the individual hexagons which resemble the pattern of a football. The historical theme begins with Martin Luther, whose posting of 95 theses and his translation of the bible in the 16th century symbolised the transformation from the Middle Ages to modern times. The works of Antonio Vivaldi, one of the greatest composers of the 17th century, stand for the significance of European cultural life. Representing the inventors is James Watt, creator of the first steam engine in the 18th century.

The greatest upheavals in Europe have included continuous attempts to civilise countless wars on the continent and to replace them with pacifist politics. Although this objective was a long way from being achieved at the time, the Nobel Peace prize winner, Bertha von Suttner, was one of the first exponents of this development in the 19th century. Sustained peace and economic progress only arrived in Europe in the second half of the 20th century after the catastrophe of two world wars. The process of European unification emerged as the most sustainable means of ensuring long-term peace. These scenes are linked with the help of the Hall Mint Tower, which provides both a starting point and an insight into the future. The Mint produces stars as symbols of European unity which lead on into the European future of the 21st century.

The front side of the coin pays homage to the last five centuries. 500 years ago in Trient, Kaiser Maximilian I. crowned himself Emperor and by way of proclamation a propaganda coin was issued by the Mint in Hall. The silver coin heralded the ruler as the "King of all the lands in Europe”. The inscription also included the word “Europe” for the first time.

"The front side shows the same coin with Kaiser Maximilian I on horseback”, explained Bettina Haas, Managing Director of the Hall-Wattens Tourist Board, which initiated the project in conjunction with the Mint in Hall and the Austrian Mint. Whilst the world’s largest silver coin will soon be on display to visitors from all over the world in the Hall Mint Museum, collectors can also look forward to “small", exact replicas of the Europe Taler 2008, 120 grams of fine silver with a diameter of 6cm which have been minted especially for sale in 2008. More information can be found at

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Hall in Tirol presents the largest silver coin in the world