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Blue & Me Fleet wins international award for Iveco

19th October 2009 Print
Iveco has been awarded the Transport Innovation of the Year trophy in the Postal Technology International Awards, held at the 13th international Post-Expo exhibition in Hanover, Germany. This prestigious award was made in recognition of its fleet management telematics package, ‘Blue & Me Fleet’.

Blue & Me Fleet was introduced by Iveco at the 2008 International Hanover Truck Show and offers customers a state-of-the-art vehicle utilisation and planning management tool, designed to help control vehicle operating costs and improve the profitable use of the vehicle and driver.

The product is the result of a joint venture between Iveco and Qualcomm, the global leader in fleet management solutions, whose telematics services are fully compatible with the Blue & Me Fleet onboard computer platform, allowing customers to obtain real-time information from across their fleet.

The system is able to interrogate the vehicle CAN BUS to obtain data including fuel consumption, distance travelled, speed and overall usage. It also tracks the driver identity so that data can be correlated to form a profile of each driver’s activity.

It can also connect to the digital tachograph to allow remote authentication and download of the tachograph data (according to the new specification agreed and published by vehicle and tachograph manufacturers), thus avoiding the need for the fleet operator to directly access the vehicle and download this information to meet the industry’s legal requirements.

The Blue & Me Fleet hardware transmits data using the cellular telephone network via the Qualcomm network management system; from there the vehicle operator can access key information via the FleetVisor web portal.

Blue & Me Fleet can be specified on any new vehicle in the Iveco range from 2010 onwards.