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The return of the Passion Play

7th January 2010 Print

Every ten years, 2,000 inhabitants of Oberammergau in Germany perform the epic Passion Play. It returns in summer 2010.

Due to its unique nature, the Passion Play only takes place every ten years and the next performance is scheduled for summer 2010.

Considered to be the outstanding cultural event of Europe this year, the Passion Play centres on the final days of Christ, starting with his entry into Jerusalem and ending with the resurrection and transfiguration. The premiere takes place on Saturday the 15 May 2010 and continues with over 100 performances until the final show on the 3rd October 2010.

The history of the play can be traced to the early 16th century, when the village of Oberammergau undertook an oath to stage a play about the life of Christ every ten years if their village was spared from the great plague. As a sign of their faith and gratitude for their salvation, the town’s oath was first fulfilled in 1634 and has continued ever since. Today, the play’s cast consists of over 2,000 amateur actors who must have been resident in the village of Oberammergau for a minimum of 20 years to qualify for inclusion in the play.

The play is performed on an open air stage with the Bavarian mountains as a stunning backdrop. The covered auditorium offers seating for 4,750 visitors in ascending rows that enable excellent views of the stage from all angles. In 2010 the performances will, for the first time, begin in the afternoon and the second part will be performed in the evening hours, with a three-course meal served during the interval.

Cox & Kings is offering five night packages that include three nights in Munich and two nights in Oberammergau, with tickets to the Passion play, from £2,450 per person including British Airways flights, transfers and excursions, breakfast and some additional meals.

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