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Cadillac to premiere all-new CTS in January

9th November 2006 Print
Cadillac has confirmed that the all-new 2008 CTS will make its world premiere in January 2007 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Sales of the award-winning luxury car are expected to begin in Europe towards the end of 2007.

“Cadillac has engineered an historic renaissance, with a completely new product portfolio, driven in large part by the original CTS,” said Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor. “Success can drive conservatism, but not for Cadillac. The next chapter, beginning in January, promises to be even more dramatic.”

The debut of the redesigned 2008 CTS in the marketplace is scheduled for late-summer of 2007 in the U.S., with worldwide exports expected to commence during the following months. As this new chapter prepares to open, the current CTS model continues to be an automotive success story.

“CTS has built a strong record of success on many levels,” Taylor said. “It has exceeded our goals for sales volume, set new design trends, won championships in racing, and earned awards for quality and customer satisfaction.”

Cadillac has sold more than 61,000 units of the CTS in its domestic market during 2005, compared to roughly 38,000 in 2002, an increase of 60% over that period. The sustained sales growth over nearly five years is counter to conventional industry logic that a new car’s hottest sales occur shortly after launch. There are roughly 275,000 CTS owners worldwide, and industry researchers say they are among the most satisfied in the automotive market. AutoPacific rated the CTS as the top Entry Luxury Car in its annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards in 2006.