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Britain feels great at 2.37pm

2nd March 2010 Print

Long gone is the post lunchtime slump. It’s now been discovered that 2.37 in the afternoon is the time when we’re feeling at our best and able to tackle even the most tedious of jobs, without a second thought.

This is according to a new report by Pomegreat, which examines how happy and positive Britain as a nation is feeling.

TV life coach Jeremy Milnes believes a positive outlook helps good things happen, “Happiness can bring highly desirable benefits, such as better health, longer life and successful relationships,” he says, “so think positive and feel on top of the world!”

With this sunny view in mind and spring about to come into full bloom, it seems things are looking on the up. With the worst of the economic doom and gloom now behind us, 43% of people say they feel better than they did a year ago which is good news as more than three quarters of us (76%) say we believe good things happen when we’re feeling great.

People who were polled were also asked to rate how great they feel on a scale of one to a hundred and the results show most people gave themselves a pretty healthy 62 out of 100, a full three points higher than last year’s findings, indicating a rise in our outlook.

Brits are also learning to appreciate the more personal things in life, from marrying a loved one to going on holiday and heart-warmingly almost a half of people surveyed said the birth of their child is the event in their life which made them feel the greatest.

It seems that 2010 is the year to adopt a positive mental attitude with gusto as positivity is in the air. Respondents said that a change of government this summer and a victory in the Football World Cup (13% and 10% respectively) would make them feel happier.

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