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Child Trust Fund boost for disabled children

18th March 2010 Print

Treasury Minister Sarah McCarthy-Fry today visited the Rainbow Family Centre in West London to raise awareness of additional Government contributions to the Child Trust Funds of 90,000 disabled children.

Starting from April this year, disabled children will receive an annual Government contribution of £100, which is paid directly into their Child Trust Fund account. The most severely disabled children will receive £200 per year.

Child Trust Funds strengthen the savings habit of future generations, promote financial education and ensure that, in future, every child will have access to a financial asset at the age of 18.  Child Trust Funds are helping almost 5 million children across the UK to save for their future.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Sarah McCarthy-Fry said: "Children with disabilities may face particular challenges as they become adults. These annual payments are an important investment for disabled children across the country and will help them to realise their aspirations in future."
Around 90,000 disabled children will benefit from these payments in 2010, of whom around 40,000 will receive the maximum £200 for the most severely disabled children.

These additional payments to disabled children will be made automatically by the Government directly into their Child Trust Fund accounts.