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Iveco and Tiss launch anti-siphon device for Daily and EcoDaily

9th June 2010 Print
Anti-siphon device

Iveco has launched the first custom-built anti-siphon device for its Daily and EcoDaily light commercials in conjunction with long term partner TISS Security Systems.

The new product, TankSafe Daily, is based on TISS’ popular TankSafe Standard product for trucks, which has already established itself as the most effective basic fuel protection system available.  Independent tests conducted by Mi Technology, a major truck-testing organisation, have shown that TankSafe Standard is capable of offering 75 per cent more anti-siphoning protection than the nearest competing model.

TankSafe Daily features the same level of protection but has been re-engineered specifically for the Iveco light commercial vehicle range.  This follows requests from owners, which have been targeted by fuel thieves with increasing frequency.

TISS claims the device stands out on the market for its 100 per cent aluminium manufacture, which makes is resistant to corrosion and stronger than pressed steel variants offered by rivals.  It also features a solid, patent-pending ‘dome’ base, which is attack-proof and means that it is not possible to siphon any fuel from the tank with the TankSafe Daily Anti-siphon fitted.

The TankSafe Daily is currently available exclusively through the Iveco dealer network and can be retrofitted to existing models, or added as a dealer-fit accessory on new purchases.

TISS has supplied Iveco with fuel security devices for its truck range since 2006.  The initial UK supply agreement has been extended throughout the world.

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Anti-siphon device