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Budgeting for health

30th June 2010 Print

A new health cash plan, designed to provide cash back on the most frequently claimed health costs, has been launched by Engage Mutual.

The Engage Mutual health cash plan focuses on the benefits people use most - dental, optical and complementary therapy costs - giving 100 per cent cash back up to each benefit level limit.

Wearers of spectacles or contact lenses; those who regularly visit the dentist; or those requiring physiotherapy or any of the other complementary therapies included; can enjoy good levels of cash back on these regular outlays.  Plan holders simply keep their receipts, fill in a form and claim back £1 for every £1 spent, up to their chosen plan's maximum benefit level.

Costing from £10 per month, the ‘everyday' Engage Mutual health cash plan provides 100 per cent cash back on annual costs up to £450 across dental, optical and complementary therapies.  The deluxe level at £14 per month gives 100 per cent cash back on annual costs across the same benefits up to £675, and the superior level at £18 per month gives 100 per cent back up to £900 per year (see table below).

"The cost of regular contact lens supplies and replacement prescription glasses alone can quickly mount up, so being able to claim back on everyday costs like these puts money back in your pocket," said Helen Graham, Head of Health Cash Plans at Engage Mutual.

Complementary treatments such as physiotherapy on the NHS can in some cases involve weeks of waiting after seeing a doctor.  But following GP referral, the health cash plan will pay cash back on consultations with qualified private practitioners of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture, cutting down on waiting times before treatment.

"The security of having a plan that can help towards the expense of a series of treatments encourages individuals to address any niggling or ongoing health issues, which over time can impact on quality of life." Helen Graham continued.

Included as part of the plan's dental cover are the costs of check ups, treatment, dentures, fillings, crowns and root canals, in addition to hygienist treatments.

Helen Graham concluded: "With 65% of claims made on health cash plans being for eyes, teeth and muscular issues, the Engage Mutual health cash plan has been streamlined to offer generous benefits on these key conditions."

The plan also includes personal accident cover and accidental death cover up to £10,000.  Another added benefit is the inclusion of small amount of life cover within the plan's benefits.  Dependant children can enjoy their own dental and optical cover at no extra cost.  Child cover benefit amounts are split between all eligible children.  It is not an amount per child.