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Nicky Hambleton-Jones launches new beauty website

19th July 2010 Print
Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Look & Feel Younger, the new anti-ageing portal by Nicky Hambleton-Jones aims to give you the answers to all things anti-ageing. 

The site will provide unbiased opinions and assessments on the best treatments and products out there, bring you interviews and insights from the best cosmetic professionals in the UK and show you what to expect from the cosmetic treatments you’d like to have, so you feel empowered and in control of any decisions you make.
Each month the site will be covering a different ‘ageing’ issue.  This month the focus is on Sun Damage:  how to recognise the signs, the products and treatments that help to reverse it and the products that help you prevent it.
In addition, there’ll be style and well being tips from top guru’s to ensure you maintain a youthful outlook on life – which is just as important as having a youthful face.  The portal will also be running offers and promotions on various products and treatments as the website evolves.
For more information, visit:

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Nicky Hambleton-Jones