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Not your average cup of tea

6th August 2010 Print
Not your average cuppa

If you’re tired of drinking tea that leaves your taste buds wanting something more than the average cuppa, JING Tea’s new harvest teas could be exactly what you are looking for.

With gorgeous names like Jade Sword green tea, Silver Needle and White Peony teas and a great everyday black tea, the Coonoor Estate Nilgiri, these varieties are anything but average.

If you’re undecided which of the new teas are for you, the below tasting notes on each could well help you make the choice:

Jade Sword green tea:  a bright and fresh tea, to suit all moods and perfect for any time of day. From £3.10 for 50g

Silver Needle white tea: sweet, mellow and low in caffeine. One of the world’s best white teas, its renowned for its sweet taste and low caffeine content. From £6.90 for 50g

White Peony white tea: well known for its refreshing flavour and sweetness, this soothing tea is gentle on even the weakest stomachs. From £6 for 50g

Coonoor Estate Nilgiri black tea: a unique and exclusive tea to JING, it has a warm and fragrant aroma with a rich taste and hints of malt, caramel and orange peel. From £7 for 50g

For more information and to buy, visit:

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Not your average cuppa