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Lawyers predict increase in Bank Holiday break-ups

17th August 2010 Print
Bank Holiday could lead to a rise in break-ups

Lawyers expect to see a 15% increase in divorce applications after the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend, according to Dennison Greer Solicitors. Research by the law firm suggests that far from being a carefree escape to the sun, holidaying couples can experience intense cabin fever and heightened relationship issues, resulting in a breakdown sometimes before the return flight touches down.

Evidence of post holiday break ups in the celebrity world includes:

• Charlize Theron and boyfriend of nine years Stuart Townsend split after their Mexican getaway.
• Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson’s tensions reportedly started while the couple were on holiday.

With 45% of marriages in the UK ending in divorce, couples are urged to take stock of their relationship problems before going away to avoid an un-amicable split. Those with existing difficulties can find they are magnified during a holiday and with nowhere to escape squabbles become inevitable.

The average legal costs associated with ending a marriage through the British Courts is an eye-watering £14,000 – more than five times the average cost of a family holiday in Europe.

Lisa Kemp, head of Family Law at Dennison Greer Solicitors comments: “Couples going away often think that a holiday can fix all the underlying problems. While tensions can rise while you’re on holiday the important thing is dealing with the situation properly.”

“However, if you both accept that accept the relationship has come to an end, then separation and divorce may naturally follow and getting advice from a professional will help with the best course of action.”

It’s easy to get red in the face and argue while on holiday but Dennison Greer has put together a few tips to help you avoid a Bank Holiday break up this year:

• Couples feeling tensions should make sure to talk to each other and calmly discuss the problems at hand.
• Couples having disagreements should try and write everything down and share their feelings openly, being on holiday can give you enough space to talk things through so take advantage of the time you have together.
• Holiday’s are a great way to re-ignite spontaneity back into the relationship, so do a little research before you leave for things you think the other might like to try and surprise each other when you get there.
• Couples going on family holidays with children often feel exhausted from work and can argue about who watches the kids – to avoid a bust up on this agree on shifts to give the other a rest.
• Try and plan travel itineraries together so that both parties get to do what they like on holiday, compromising helps avoid arguments – i.e. Go see the sites in the day and then make time for the football at the sports bar on the way back!

You can seek Lisa’s advice on your own situation by visiting:

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Bank Holiday could lead to a rise in break-ups